Yelena Bryksenkova




I've been secretly in love with the illustrations of Yelena Bryksenkova ever since I first encountered them on her etsy shop a while ago. I asked her last week if she would mind her work being featured on my blog, and thus began a lovely round of emails between us. In fact, the way she described my blog to me, is basically the way I feel about her art: “your writing and the way you compose your blog is so clean and airy, it makes me think of white sheets on a clothesline”. That's how her illustrations make me feel. There's something about her work that reminds me of Maira Kalman. Yelena has the same tendency to notice fine details and turn them into unexpected narratives. Not surprisingly, her work has been featured in many places (I always 'discover' things too late): N.E.E.T. Magazine, Bust Magazine, Amelia's Magazine, Elle Girl Korea, Design*Sponge, ... mighty impressive.



I think though what I'm most impressed about are her sketchbooks and journals. They make me envious, I wish I could record my everyday and travel moments with such skill. I usually just scribble a few words here and there, or write poems when I should be describing events. Have a peek at her sketchbooks ...







I'm so happy Yelena has also offered to participate in my “why i adore the night” challenge, it thrills me that she'll be involved. I want to say thanks to those who have also agreed to participate, some of you have already submitted work. Lightening speed creativity happening here. Thanks so much, I really appreciate it. Feel free to spread the word, the more the merrier.




All images are copyrighted to Yelena Bryksenkova, please give her proper credit if re-blogging. Visit her blog, website and etsy shop to see more.