Wanted This Week

wanted this week

I did a little guest post over at Pennyweight, taking part in Elise's regular 'Wanted this week' feature. Thanks for having me Elise, it was a pleasure. Please click here for all the image credits.

wanted this week

One more lovely thing to share with you all ...

 'theorizing twilight' book collection

my essay in the 'theorizing twilight' book collection

Yep, my copy of Theorizing Twilight has arrived. I should be getting used to this 'being published' thing, but I will confess something to you: it's still an enormous thrill to see my work published and to hold a book with my words in my hands. I hope that thrill never dies down, it makes all my stress worth it. If you'd like to read my essay, along with all the other great essays in this collection, it's available from the Book Depository, Amazon, McFarland's website, and numerous other stores.

P.S. Don't forget about my 'Why I Adore the Night' Challenge. I've received some wonderful submissions already, I just have to figure out a suitably appreciative way to present them.