Poetry Wednesday: Sunday

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

sunday evening


: : A poem that came unexpectedly. Words and image by me : :


See Hear Say said...

i wish i could write. doesn't have to be as amazing as you, but i could use just a liiiiiiitttllleee bit of your talent and that will make me happy enough. nicely written hila!

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Beautiful. x hivenn

SARAH said...

Favorite stanza: "What I have of you / is a beard, a spoon, / the thickness of cold." The images in it unwind just right, building in heartache. The tastes in this poem are so lingering, both silver and sour. Thanks for sharing.

tywo said...

You write so well.


Tana said...

pleasure to read these lines, Hila!

andrea despot said...

This entire poem is amazing (sorry I'm not more proficient in the English language and can't come up with words other than "wonderful" and "beautiful" and "interesting" and "awesome")! I love the imagery of cold marble and scraping metal. So many wonderful lines here... I love:

"To this day you are like the scrape of silver metal that ripples under my tongue, over my tongue, leaving an afterthought of taste."


"What I have of you is a bard, a spoon, the thickness of cold."

I'm so in awe of your talent!

hila said...

see hear say/laura: oh sheesh Laura, I'm blushing! Me thinks you're being too kind :)

hivenn: thanks

sarah: I really love your response to the poem - that's exactly how I felt writing it.

tywo and tana: thank you!

andrea: oh wow, thank you!