Weekend Links & Some Thoughts

into the wild

I'm going into writer's hibernation next week. I have a big writing deadline, and lots of other things to attend to for my book. In the midst of this, I also have to find the time to do some work on a book I'm co-editing (although reading other people's wonderful writing is hardly a chore). So a blogging break is required for the next week or two, but I won't be leaving this blog unattended. Diana from Miss Moss, Anabela from Fieldguided and Jen from Honey Kennedy will be filling this space with lots of lovely guest posts, so I'm leaving my blog in more than capable hands. Thanks so much ladies, I really appreciate it.

Before I leave, I wanted to share some things ...

I occasionally mention some of the emails I get from blog readers, and usually it's all nice, but some emails have been bothering me lately. I want to point out that I'm not raising this issue to attack anyone, that's just childish. I'm bothered by the implication of the emails, not those who sent them, and so I feel I have to make certain things clear. Basically, I'm getting a lot of questions about the 'serious' subject matter I raise on this blog, which seems to bother some people. I get that not everybody likes to read long posts, or wants to think about serious stuff when they're browsing through blogs. Fair enough. But I do. Quite simply, I blog about things I love and what I care about. These topics are not 'theory' for me, or ways of getting attention and blog traffic (I don't think I'll ever be that cynical), they are things that I consider on a daily basis in my work and that I feel warrant constant debate. I'd like to see them talked about more, not less. So this blog is not going to change in this regard.

Ok, I've said my piece. I've also been collecting a lot of links to share over the past week:

: : I blogged about the Jane Eyre film panel I participated in on leeloo.

: : My 'new' tumblr. I decided to turn my tumblr into a 'backup' or supplement to my Pinterest boards since I seem to lose pins on a regular basis. I wonder if it's just me: when I reach a certain number of pins on a Pinterest board, the ones on the bottom just disappear. Does this happen to anyone else?

: : Still love this article, no matter how many times I've read it.

: : Appalled and disgusted by this. When I made the comparison between human-trafficking and consumer culture in my previous post, I had no idea how accurate I was being.

: : New toast. As usual, their new collection is both gentle and beautiful.

: : Sundari's new website.

: : Totally digging better book titles.

: : Join the fight for marriage equality here. My good friend Sanna wrote an excellent post about this on her blog.

Have a great weekend everyone, hope it's a relaxing one.

Image credit: screencaps from Into the Wild, found here.