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Thursday, 25 August 2011


After Seeing Jen's post I feel rather envious of her film buff status and quite shameful of the fact that I am not similarly educated (or indeed that passionate) about films old & new.

The thing is that I don't really watch films like other people do, most of the time I dig into my collection of personal and sometimes embarrassing movie classics and play whatever strikes my fancy while I busy myself with something else. When I was young I used to sit at the coffee table in our lounge and draw all day while Robin Hood or the Three Amigos played in the background. Today nothing has changed - just replace drawing with blogging or working and perhaps replace Robin Hood with the five hour bbc version of Pride & Prejudice.

One of the movies I used to watch on repeat as a kid was Now and Then - which I absolutely loved since I was same age as the characters when it was released, and it spoke to me about everything you go through as a twelve year old girl. The fact that it is set in the summer of 1970 is also a visual perk. Plus Devon Sawa was such a dreamboat, guys.

The only thing that always bugged be about Now and Then though ... Roberta /Christina Ricci turns into Rosie O'Donnell? Please.




















: : Guest post by Diana from Miss Moss : :


Mallory said...

at first i didn't know this was one of your guest posts, diana.... but then i saw the comment about christina turning into rosie and knew it must be your work (as we'd tweeted about that before). wormy wormers = awesome forever.

Hanna said...

I used to love this movie, too.. In third grade my friends and I would watch it and pretend to be the different characters (I was Teeny). I also remember that we would swear that Devon Sawa was actually naked when they took his clothes.

Jen said...

It's typical that I've never seen this movie, but have seen entire bodies of work by obscure European horror directors from the 70s and 80s. I'll have to watch this one since you AND Mallory love it!

Enia Is (Almost) Here said...

love the movie! i actually just saw it again last week after years. it's funny what a different experience it is watching something ten years later...

Jessica said...

That's the only thing that bothered me about that movie, too! I've seen this movie so many times. It's nice to know I wasn't the only one who was obsessed with it. I even had the soundtrack and listened to it religiously for an entire summer. I miss Devon Sawa, for sure. He was my dream man when I was 12. Aw. Thanks for the trip down memory lane, Diana.

diné said...

i really enjoyed this post, i love that movie! :)

Anonymous said...

I had a poster of Devon Sawa in my locker that I cherished until Leonardo's introduction meant goodbye Devon... What a film. Also, could Jen be any more pretentious? Entire bodies of work... please, darling.

hila said...

I'm not sure if you're making a joke with that comment about Jen Anonymous, but I would have to wholeheartedly disagree. Jen is not in the least pretentious, but is a rather lovely, kind and intelligent person. Let's not get nasty here, please. But if you were making a joke, well, then, I took you too seriously.

See Hear Say said...

omg one of my faves from my childhood times!! and yes, i agree, i don't know what is it with christina ricci turns into rosie o'donnell as the adult version. sigh.

hila said...

I loved this film too diana - oh the days when devon sawa was a dreamboat. I still remember all the posters of him in teen magazines.

Neon Noose said...

I loved this movie...

rebecca said...

was just thinking about devon sawa the other day and how in love i was with him at the end of the casper the friendly ghost movie!!! loved now & then so much as a kid too...woah, this was a really good flashback. thanks!

Laure said...

Oh mon dieu, je regardais ce film en boucle dans mon enfance.
Il n'y à pas longtemps je m'en suis rappelé et je me suis mise à chercher désespérément le nom de se film!
Je te remercie, tu as illuminée ma soirée. ^^

Have a nice day!