Nostalgia II

Thursday, 14 July 2011

in tonga

: : In Tonga, 1975.

my dad, 1976

: : In Tasmania, Australia, 1976 (my dad).

my dad, an extra in 'apocalypse now'

: : In the Philippines, 1970s. My dad is the second on the right. He, along with the other men pictured here, was an extra in Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now.

in samoa

: : In Samoa, 1975.

my dad, 1970s

: : In New Zealand (I think), 1970s (my dad).

my dad, in the philippines, 1970s

: : In the Philippines, 1970s (my dad).

my mother and uncle

: : My mother and my uncle, in Israel.

my grandfather

: : My grandfather (handsome devil).

my grandfather holding my mother

: : My grandfather holding my mother, in Israel.

me, in israel

: : Me, in Israel (love those sandals).

I can't help myself, I've been scanning photos with my mum as we're preparing a family present, and I had to share some more nostalgia. These ones are mainly from my parents' backpacking travels in the 1970s, but there are a few other ones of my late grandfather, my mother and one of me (I just adore those sandals and I want them back). I particularly love the photo of my dad as an extra in Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now. Apparently, he only features for about a second in the actual film, but I think he rocks anyway. My dad is a man of few words, when I asked him what Coppola was like, he replied: 'he was nice, but he made me shave off my beard'. Okay then. My mum told me that up until that moment, she had never actually seen my dad without a beard. My parents were so adventurous, I wish I could just hop on a plane and travel for a few years like they did.

Please do share your photos, I'd love to see them ...


Jasmine said...

Wow they really look adventurous, thanks for sharing your photos :)

Lyndall said...

Oh, I love looking at old photos. My parents' wedding photos are some of my favourites (they were married in 1974 so there are some very interesting fashions!)

Galit said...

Oh, Hila! these are so great!!! I hardly have any old photos, especially not here in Australia. And it does brings on nostalgic waves.
Are you pictured in Tel Aviv? When was that?
I love those old films photos so much!

Can't believe your dad took a part in Apocalypse Now! One of the finest movies. Must be an overwhelming experience.

P.S. May I say I'm a little jealous with your family photos treasure?.. Maybe more than a little even.

Nancy Baric *negfilm said...

incredible photos hila!!! and wow!!!!! about your father being an extra in coppola's film!

Danielle P. said...

Looking at old family photos is always a little painful for me, bringing on a nostalgia tinged with sadness, so it makes me very glad that for you the experience is a positive one.

You look so much like your mother as a child! And your father certainly rocked that beard — it's no wonder he was a bit miffed about having to shave it!

etre-soi said...

family photos, what a painful subject here in my family :-( We have 3 photos from my mom and also as much from my father, we lost it all during life's changes and this little treasure you have there is so wonderful, the other day my sister sent me by email the only photos she has from all of us, they are now my most precious possessions ! Take good care of your treasure !

Caitlin Rose said...

These are beautiful. Your grandfater was so handsome! and Thank you for the wonderful insight into Coppola.

My parents are way more adventurous than me even now, I blame them.

aldrin said...

Funny, my parents are on a trip to the Philippines right now. Your dad had an epic papa beard!

Rebeccak said...

Who ever was the photographer here was pretty amazing! stunning shots, thanks for sharing.

Louise said...

Absolutely fantastic photos. Your dad is in apocalypse now... how brilliant is that! xolj

Nana said...

Waah this is so awesome! I wish my parents had been this interesting XD
your dad is a funny guy!

banana meet-cute said...

Wow, that is so impressive that your Dad is in Apocalypse Now - amazing! I also have a Dad with a beard. My mother has never seen him clean shaven, and neither have I!

SJ said...

they're been on so many adventures, how cool!

i hope i can show my future children photos of all the places i've been and that they show they same kind of enthusiasm you show here.
i used to love looking at the photos of my parents from the 80s with their hawaiian shirts and cameras around their necks!

P R I M O E Z A said...

these photos are wonderful hila. yes, just look at your grandfather!

See Hear Say said...

this is SO GOOD! ok this is for me to do, i'm heading home for a holiday soon, i must dig up some old family photos, would be so much fun :D

gracia said...

Brilliant and beautiful. Thanks for sharing these photos, these adventures, these moments. I will happily follow suit and share a few photos from my past. (As you know, I posted one of my Dad with his banjo just the other day and I thought I could post twenty more. Perhaps I will and soon.)

Olga said...

First of all, you really resemble your mother. I couldn't distinguish you very easily! Your grandfather really fit your description :) Your parents were so adventurous. Thank you for sharing such interesting photos.

Ella said...

even if your dad was only featured in coppola's film for a second, i'd be bragging about that for the rest of my life! how cool is that!

these pictures are stunning, and from what i can see of your sandals, i really like them too! :)

CloudyKim said...

Ooooh, I love these photos. They're so beautiful - an elegance that you wouldn't normally expect from family photos :) Thanks for sharing.

odessa said...

whooaaaa..your dad was in the Philippines?! that's amazing. though i wasn't born then when he was there. these photos are really beautiful. makes me want to go through old family photos when i go home. also, you look a lot like your mom! :)

Sasha said...

Family photos are such invaluable treasures.

I have boxes of my late grandmother's photos to go through and archive. Such a daunting (and expensive) task. I want to give it my full attention so it'll have to wait a bit longer.

hila said...

jasmine: my pleasure

lyndall: oh I'd love to see them!

galit: thanks! I think I'm pictured in tel aviv, but I can't remember. It must have been in the 80s :)

nancy: ha, he's so cool :) *cough*

danielle: yes, he certainly did rock the beard!

sofia/etre-soi: oh that's such a shame sofia!

caitlin rose: handsome indeed, these photos don't do him justice.

aldrin: I know it really was epic - it still is actually.

rebeccak: the photographer was my mother :)

louise: I know, and he's so casual about it. Very few things impress him.

nana: :)

banana meet-cute: me neither! I'd like to see what he looks like without one.

sj: yes, I wonder what my kids will think of me one day :)

primoeza/elizabeth: yeah, such a charismatic man.

see hear say/laura: I really can't wait to see your photos, hope you post them!

gracia: oh please do, I'd love to peek. I saw that photo of your dad on your blog and was admiring it.

olga: I've been told that a lot - we really did resemble each other as children.

ella: since it wasn't me who was in the film, I tend not to brag - it wasn't my achievement :)

cloudykim: my pleasure

odessa: there are very few places that my parents haven't visited.

sasha: it would be such a fun task though.

Tana said...

Family photos what can be better? real lifetime journey

bronwyn said...

I love these! You look just like your mother! And yes, your grandfather is very handsome and I think it's pretty awesome that your dad was in Apocalypse Now. What a great memory. I love looking through old family photos. I'm feeling inspired to post some. I just never seem to find the time to scan them.

Neon Noose said...

Beautiful pictures. Your mother looks very pretty and its amazing to see pictures from the past. I wish my parents would have kept their pictures of when they were young.

synaesthetisch said...

Oh, you resemble your mother so much! if the photo showing your mother wasn't black and white, I would have confused the two of you. the same cute smile. how weird to think that even parents have had a life of their own before we - the "kids" even existed. lovely pics!!!
all the best from germany.

hila said...

tana: view few things are better.

bronwyn: I know, scanning them is such a chore. And I've been told so many times I looked just like my mother.

neon noose: she still is very pretty :)

synaesthetisch: ha, yes! it's a strange realisation, when you consider that your parents had lives before you :)

Principia said...

your grandfather looks dashing! I love looking over old family pictures too. I don't think my future grand children will be able to do the same though since nowadays we barely print out our digital photos..

hila said...

principia: I know, it's a bit sad thinking about it actually ...