The Iceberg Interview

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


the iceberg interview

the iceberg interview

My friend Aldrin has launched a great new creative site called The Iceberg, which he talks about here. In his own words:

The Iceberg is an art project that borrows its name from Ernest Hemingway’s theory on writing: the idea of searching for truth beyond what the story reveals on the surface, and instead looking for what the story doesn’t reveal.

Inspired by the idea of collecting, The Iceberg gathers together inspirations, ideas and words from different artists in an attempt to make audible what would otherwise be the silent symmetry of the artist’s creative process. And at the same time, the interviews also honour those whose words rise from below the surface.

I love projects such as these, and I've been reading the interviews on the website with great interest. You can also find an interview with me on the site, I hope you enjoy it.


odessa said...

great interview, hila! i really loved what you said about writing as a love affair with yourself. so very true.

and thank you for the introduction to this site. i've already bookmarked it so i can read other interviews too.

Tana said...

This is great that idea of creating the site to gather interesting things together! and i read with pleasure your interview Hila!

Petra said...

great site/project. thanks for the tip!

Danielle P. said...

What a wonderful project! I found your answers very insightful and inspiring.

Caitlin Rose said...

Oh your interview is really interesting so far but I have to run off to work so I'll have to read the rest when I get home : )

aldrin said...

Thank you so much, Hila!

tywo said...

You inspire me, hila.
Oh, I saw "I capture the castle" after you posted about it. I love it!! Thank you.


Sundari said...

It looks like a really interesting site. I haven't finished reading it yet but I like what you say about research. I must say that I agree with your view of research, my own research definitely stems from my passion and desire. I even have desire as one of my keywords in my exegesis.

andrea despot said...

hila, i loved reading this and learning a little more about you! first of all, i love how he described your writing as "less like a burst dam and more like a gentle, calm wave eroding the shoreline." i think that perfectly describes your style and your blog!

i, too, love being surrounded by images and your reasons for starting a blog are the same as my own: categorizing and holding onto those "fragments." i'd love to see a photograph of your little writing studio :)

naomemandeflores said...

Love this interview Hila. The way you described writing as a love affair with yourself was truly beautiful.

Also loved to read about your love of baking. I can really relato to that!

Camila Faria

katie said...

you're way too smart for me.
i think we have to break up.
i'm just a silly girl from southern california.

hila said...

odessa: my pleasure, I really love the site as well.

tana: than you sweet tana!

petra: my pleasure

danielle: thank you!

caitlin rose: glad you enjoyed it :)

aldrin: my pleasure aldrin, thanks for asking me!

tywo: so glad you liked the film, I thought you would.

sundari: it amazes me when people are cold and clinical about their research. Still, I suppose not everyone's the same.

andrea: I've had some pictures taken of my little writing space, but I can't share them yet, it's a secret :)

camila: thanks you! and here's to the pleasure of baking :)

katie: aww, I don't think I'm too smart for anyone.