The Iceberg Interview


the iceberg interview

the iceberg interview

My friend Aldrin has launched a great new creative site called The Iceberg, which he talks about here. In his own words:

The Iceberg is an art project that borrows its name from Ernest Hemingway’s theory on writing: the idea of searching for truth beyond what the story reveals on the surface, and instead looking for what the story doesn’t reveal.

Inspired by the idea of collecting, The Iceberg gathers together inspirations, ideas and words from different artists in an attempt to make audible what would otherwise be the silent symmetry of the artist’s creative process. And at the same time, the interviews also honour those whose words rise from below the surface.

I love projects such as these, and I've been reading the interviews on the website with great interest. You can also find an interview with me on the site, I hope you enjoy it.