My Heart Wanders by Pia Jane Bijkerk

my heart wanders by pia jane bijkerk

Yesterday I received a copy of Pia's beautiful book, My Heart Wanders, and I devoured it in one evening. I was expecting the book to be visually striking, and it is. I was expecting it to be luxurious and unique, and it is. But I was not expecting to be moved so much by its written content.

Pia creates beautiful images and seems to have magic in her fingers when it comes to style, photography and interior decoration. But that's not the primary reason why I loved My Heart Wanders so much. What struck me most about the book was Pia's thoughts and life experiences. I actually cried in some moments when she expressed doubts, anxieties and expectations. The life decisions she's made, and her ability to follow her heart, quite literally, is what I admire most about the book. I suppose it's because I'm in a similar point in my life, encountering all these doubts, questions and expectations, that the book has moved me so. You get a real sense of depth emanating from the pages of this book, which is rare these days.

What also occurred to me reading it is that My Heart Wanders is tangible proof that design and style are not things that we only appreciate through the surface of things - it's not just an array of beautiful products on display, or careful arrangement for the eye. It's arrangement for the soul. Pia's experiences, the narrative of her life so far, her interior perspective, sensitivity and relationship with things from the natural world all define her style, and in my opinion, make it unique. There are so many interior design, style and photography books out there. For me, the majority of them are pretty things to look at, and while I love them, they don't necessarily leave me moved or contemplative. My Heart Wanders does. It's like a style book with soul, and it's the words that I return to as much as the stunning images.

I'm so glad I bought this book, I almost didn't because I've been buying so many books lately, it's getting ridiculous. But really, My Heart Wanders is definitely going on my 'top shelf' - if I can bring myself to remove it from the close proximity of my bedside table.

Have a peek at the book on Pia's blog and the book's website. Has anyone read it? I'd love to hear what you think.