An Evening Sea, 1931

the piano

the mystery of the poem

The lovely Thea from Spoonful Zine has sent me this beautiful poem. I've come to the conclusion that Thea and I are kindred spirits, and we're also working on a little something together for Spoonful, the details of which I shall divulge later. I hope you don't mind Thea, that I'm posting about this poem. Unfortunately, neither of us know who the poem is by, but it's too beautiful not to share. But more importantly, I'm hoping that by posting it, someone out there will recognise the words and be able to tell me who wrote it. Thea found the poem in a cafe in Jerusalem. I've got a feeling like I've encountered these words before. And another wonderful blog reader of mine also sent me a poem today. Thank you so much, I can't imagine receiving anything nicer.

Image credit: film still from Jane Campion's The Piano (1993), found here.

EDIT: I found it! I turned my bookcases upside down all morning, and it figures that I would only discover the poem's author straight after I post about it. The initials 'L.D.' stand for Lawrence Durrell. I have a tattered Faber copy of his poetry tucked away behind Shelley and Keats, quite appropriate really.