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Sunday, 26 June 2011

bloggers + cats

kobi on bloggers + cats

I've long been a fan of Claire's bloggers + cats series on her wonderful blog, Lola is Beauty. So I'm pretty happy to be featured in it along with my loveable, gentle, talkative and pensive cat, Kobi. Read his story here. Thanks Claire, it was a pleasure to participate!


Galit said...

He's the cutest and the most glorious cat ever! Especially in this photo; he looks so grand!
I enjoyed the beautiful story of how you found each other.
Meow Kobi!

Lyndall said...

Yay, another cat lover! Kobi is very regal in that picture :)

I'm sad because my neighbour has moved out, taking her beautiful, enormous black and white cat with her. His name is Norman, isn't that the best cat name ever?

Sarah said...

That was one of the most adorable things I've read all year, I loved hearing about you and Kobi! Cats tend to despise me, making me a wannabe-cat-person-who's-a-super-dog-person, but Kobi sounds like the perfect cat. Your description of his "talking" is priceless! xox

Mary Lou (not really a pseudonym) said...

this post speaks to me!

proud cat lady

hila said...

galit: kobi says meow right back, or, perhaps a 'coo' :) he is indeed the most glorious cat ever, although I am somewhat biased.

lyndall: Norman makes him sound distinguished :)

sarah: I suspect Kobi would like you - he gets along with everyone, such a sweet and gentle creature.

mary lou: thank you!

aldrin said...

Kobi looks like my charlotte. so sweet!

P R I M O E Z A said...

aren't cats the best work companions? loved your interview.

Tana said...

Rho, c`est joli! Kobi is a very lovely cat :)

CloudyKim said...

Wow, what a beautiful cat!

I feel left out, haha. I'm a blogger/writer/superhero with a dog at my side. She's very cute I likes to sit in my lap, but not a cat, for sure. I've never had a cat - I'd never know what to do with one :)

Tracey said...

How wonderful ... I love collaborative features like this, especially when they showcase both owners and pets! :)

Kobi is adorable and reminds me of my own furry Mr Jones. xx

hila said...

aldrin: maybe they should meet :)

primoeza/elizabeth: yep, they are the best work companions, and thanks :)

tana: thank you! I'd have to agree :)

cloudykim: he's only the second cat I've ever owned, they have a way of telling you what to do with them.

tracey: yes, he is very similar to mr jones, who is equally cute.