Friday, 20 May 2011




I've been enormously preoccupied by numerous things this week, the first being Gemma Arterton's performance in the BBC's 2008 version of Thomas Hardy's Tess of the D'Urbervilles. Her performance as Tess is the first one that has made me feel for any of Hardy's characters, I usually find them oppressive and harrowing. I really must buy the DVD of this adaptation and analyse it properly. Has anyone seen it? (All Gemma Arterton images are from here.)


I've been browsing images of writing spaces and instantly feel in love with this garden shed study by Sue Kwiatkowska. Look at all those penguins! I'd love to sit in such a room, or visit the world's most inspiring bookshops.




Don DeLillo, New York City, 1990s

I also can't stop myself from constantly returning to the wonderful blog, Writers and Kitties. Perhaps you should peruse this blog while reading Claire's addictive bloggers + cats series, which I adore.


Lastly, aren't these photos of Jim Morrison and Pam Courson just mesmerising?

I think it's time I announce the winner of my book giveaway. I'm sorry you've all had to wait so long, but I wanted to be fair. The winner is ... Laura! Congrats Laura, I'll be in touch with you soon. Thanks so much to everyone who entered and for the amazing film tips - what a treat it's been to read all your favourite films. And more importantly, thanks so much for the kind words.

I have a feeling the most pressing preoccupation for me this weekend will be writing though, as I have a huge deadline on Monday. I hope your weekend will be more relaxing than mine.


Kaleidoscope Kingdom said...

I watched Tess of the D'Urbervilles a while ago and really enjoyed it!

SJ said...

i had such a major crush on jim morrison when i was a teenager (and then a subsequent crush on val kilmer after he played him in the film The Doors). I love these photos :)

mnemonique said...

grrr, writers and kitties are so lovely, cute and fun!
I love your photos!
The photos from bbc movie are beautiful.

Monika from

etre-soi said...

oohhhh those kitties are soooo cute. I love cats so much, I always had cats but I'm not lucky with them(better, they are not lucky with me): they disappear or they die and I'm always alone at the end with my grief. But cats are the best company a creative can have. I remember my last kitty (balli-blue) he loved to walk around over my paintings especially when they were drying....he was such a beautiful and sweet cat, I miss him so much !

heleen said...

Thank you for the compliment, Hila! The sentiment is likewise ;) I love how your blog intersperses intellectual impulse with wonderfully entertaining elements (Writers & Kitties! Now that's the kind of blog I'd like to make an appearance on in about 10 years from now!)

uhooi said...

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Sally said...

so much goodness!

1) i felt a strange attachment to tess of the d'urbervilles in high school, but have never seen a film adaptation. so i'm very excited to check this out.
2) writing spaces are such a unique glimpse into otherwise inscrutable minds....
3) love that blog, now tempted to add writer + cat pics to my slew of pet posts but that might be jusssst a bit too much. haha.

i hope you have a grand, not-too-stressful weekend!

Danielle P. said...

A roomful of Penguins sounds like my idea of heaven!

anabela / fieldguided said...

Re. Tess: I saw that adaptation and ADORED it. Plus the fellow who plays Angel Clare is a major babe (haha, sorry, I just really like him). He was also in the adaptation of Pillars of the Earth. Anyhow, yes! So good. I cried buckets.

Rambling Tart said...

Ohhh, I do hope this is a good adaptation. I've had the same struggle with Thomas Hardy characters. Mostly I just want to give them a good shake and say: stop being so stupid! :-) I too have writing deadlines this weekend so I'll be writing too. I'm keeping this day free, however, since it's so gloriously sunshiny. Tomorrow I'll tuck into writing when the rains return. :-)

psaugust said...

yes! this is a really good film adaptation. I saw the last bit when it previously aired on PBS and had to go buy the dvd right away.

StarletStarlet said...

my gosh, the study leaves me speechless. i want to turn my creative and work space into that dreamy room!!

goodluck on your work on the weekend. i have tons of things to do as well - and a deadline for final projects on monday too. So we are in the same boat.

here's to our weekend :)

lizzie said...

congrats to laura! i love that workspace...beautiful images, hila.

Caitlin Rose said...

OH I loved Tess! She was so beautiful!

Good luck with your writing.

If Jane said...

love this space/post today...;))

Felix Curds said...

there are so many reasons to love this post and gushing about each will take a page. all the best with your writing:)

steph. said...

excellent, excellent, excellent! lovely collection! and that garden shed... my goodness!

Ashley said...

I really want to see that film now! I love the Jim and Pam pics, too. I used to have one of them lying in some grass hanging on my bedroom wall. And I love the authors and their cats! xx

odessa said...

ohhh..that study is so lovely. i want to sit there and read all day. and that pic of jim and pam is love.

this is such a lovely post, hila. thank you. and have a lovely weekend! :)

ispystyle said...

That study is gorgeous.
Thanks for the tip off about Tess of the D'Urbervilles, I haven't seen it but will now - my love for costume dramas based on the greats was dampened by ITV's 2006 version of Jane Eyre.

Olga said...

I'm always amazed at what you see. And how you see it.
Good luck with your deadline on Monday.

Tana said...

Hila, where do you find such great images? :) i`m in love with the garden shed,the space looks so comfortable and quiet(guess it`s pure delight to work there). 'writers and kitties' is also very interesting (some moments captured are amazing) !
have a nice week

hila said...

Kaleidoscope Kingdom: me too, I saw it on tv a while back and thought it was a really interesting adaptation.

sj: me too, val kilmer looked so much like him in that movie, it was uncanny.

mnemonique: the cats look like good companions, huh?

Sofia: you poor thing! I remember you posting about him dying, and I felt so bad for you. I was so depressed when my first cat died. Maybe you should give another cat a try though - maybe rescue one?

heleen: he, can I make an appearance too? ;) and thanks so much for your compliment!

uhooi: thanks

sally: thanks! 1) yes, do see it, I think it's a good adaptation 2) oh I saw this post before - divine! 3) I love this blog too, it's probably one of my favourites now :)

danielle: mine too!

anabela: oh yes, I totally agree, a bit of a babe. I saw the adaptation with my mum, and she said the same thing :) I cried too.

rambling tart: yes, I struggle with his characters too, and I also find his novels incredibly bleak and depressing. I hope your deadline wasn't too stressful, I just made mine :)

psaugust: I just bought the dvd, I'm looking forward to seeing it again.

StarletStarlet: ah, I hope you made your deadline! I could do with some de-stressing at the moment.

lizzie, caitlin rose, if jane and felix curds: thanks :)

steph: I thought you'd like that shed :)

ashley: that sounds like a lovely picture of jim and pam.

odessa: hope you had a lovely weekend too!

ispystyle: really? I loved that version, I thought it was one of the cleverer adaptations of Jane Eyre. This version of tess is quite beautiful and moving.

olga: thanks, I made it!

tana: oh I just procrastinate far too much, and it doesn't help that my job requires doing research online most of the time :)

Gisèle said...

Oh no, I can't handle any more cat blogs, there are too many on my to-follow-list already. Good luck with the deadline Hila!

Molly said...

Ah sheesh, I really wish I hadn't been so preoccupied myself with moving— I could have done a better job remembering to enter your book giveaway. Oh well, congrats to Laura! And I'd still like to include one of my favorite films: The Fountain by Darren Aronofsky. I hope meeting your deadline yesterday went well!

Julie said...

I just found your blog and it is beautiful!

hila said...

Gisèle: oh but they're so additive! thanks, I made the deadline, luckily :) Hope you're doing well!

molly: oh that's a shame, I wish you could have entered. I think being preoccupied with moving is a totally legitimate excuse though :)

julie: thanks!