Melancholy Breakfast

Sunday, 8 May 2011


In Bed: the Kiss (1892) by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.


Untitled by artistƒriendship.


Hands by Sandy_Vdo.


Kiss by the Window (1892) by Edvard Munch.


Atonement by Me.


To Keep Warm by Sandy_Vdo.

Melancholy breakfast
blue overhead blue underneath

the silent egg thinks
and the toaster's electrical
ear waits

the stars are in
"that cloud is hid"

the elements of disbelief are
very strong in the morning

-"Melancholy breakfast" by Frank O'Hara

A small mother's day gift, in the form of a poem my mother and I both love. For some reason, every time I read this poem images of water, beds, hands and embraces come to my mind. I recently treated myself with a complete collection of Frank O'Hara's poems. I plan on taking these poems along with some muffins and Turkish coffee to my parents' place today, so we can sit in their garden and quietly indulge all our senses. What's your plan for mother's day today?

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mnemonique said...

oh, this Toulouse Lautrec painting - I haven't seen it before! It's lovely. I know his paintings from Paris cafes but this one is so romantic!
And in Poland morning started cloudy, so I also feel melancholy today. Have a good day!

Sundari said...

These pictures are very warming somehow. Your plans for today sound lovely. I have been pottering around the house just catching up on cleaning, I have been alone most of the day except for a little visit from a friend who wanted to scan her images. Your day sounds much nicer.

Luci said...

That sounds like a beautiful mother's day.

Katie said...

"the elements of disbelief are
very strong in the morning"

I just love it!

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

What a fabulous day.

Tana said...

Wonderful poem and the images that accompany it.
Happy mother`s day!

odessa said...

what a lovely poem. and the images are perfect. hope you had a beautiful day.

as for me, i spent the day in a lovely coffee shop by the water with a friend who's also like an older sister to me.

Emily Vanessa said...

I love everything about this post, your photos and the wonderful paintings. Somehow I find the Munch one especially haunting. Mothers' Day in the UK was last month but I'm glad you had such an amazing day planned. I went for a long walk in the park early in the morning, then sat on the terrace of a charming café drinking coffee with a friend, the perfect Sunday really.

Christine said...

It really does sound like the perfect Mother's Day. And I love the poem--I'll have to read more of his.

aldrin said...

i like how the poem uses prolonged vowel sounds, which makes it soothing and very soft to read

Siubhan said...

What a beautiful poem. The pictures you have chosen do fit so well with it and have such atmosphere. I love that there's such a fine line between melancholy and intimate.

Another perfectly pitched post for a ubiquitous occasion!

If Jane said...

all so wonderful! always magic here!! ;))
and frank o'hara always sends me....

hila said...

mnemonique: it's one of my favourite paintings of his, glad you like it :)

sundari: it was quite lovely, but alas, short-lived. I could use another day like that.

luci: thanks luci, it was.

katie: I know, such a good line!

denise: thanks, it was.

tana: hope you enjoyed your day too!

odessa: that sounds equally nice :)

emily vanessa: it does sound pretty perfect.

christine: I love his poetry, you can find more it on the net too.

aldrin: yes, precisely! even though the subject-matter is somewhat sad, the way the poem is structured provides a soothing effect.

siubhan: ha, thanks! these images are incredibly atmospheric - I wish I could take photos this well myself.

if jane: yep, me too ... and thanks, glad you like the 'magic' ;)

Tracey said...

A gorgeous poem ... and I adore the images you've collected Hila.

hila said...

thank you lovely tracey :)