Nadinoo Spring/Summer 2011

Friday, 22 April 2011








A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon the British label, Nadinoo, and it was love at first sight. Everything about this label exudes a nostalgic British charm that reminds me of tea and scones in the afternoon. For some reason, every time I stare at the images from Nadinoo's Spring/Summer 2011 look book, I miss my friends in England terribly.

The lovely designer behind the label, Nadia Izruna, kindly gave me permission to feature the collection on my blog, and I wanted to say thanks! I love your work Nadia. To view more from the collection, click here.

I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend Easter break, and for those of you like me who celebrated passover this week, I hope it was a good one!

All images copyright Nadinoo.


Sarah said...

Ooh, that mint green suspender skirt is beautiful! Thankyou for posting these, I completely agree about the feel of teh collection... English teas and spring picnics... :)

Ella said...

anything that is reminiscent of tea and scones, is sure to be wonderful! i really love the pastel colors, and the collars on the dresses are so nice!

skeletaldreams said...

Beautiful. Wow. x

Caitlin Rose said...

I totally agree! Nadia's spring line is absolutely lovely!

Caitlin Rose said...

Oh, and the most amazing part of this line is that all the clothes are hand made in England!

Nadinoo said...

Thank you my lovely for the kind post!

Delighted you like the new collection x

Tana said...

Agree with you, Nadinoo makes beautiful clothes,the collection is very charming (i discovered the label a while ago and i loved every piece of AW collection).
have a great weekend!

If Jane said...

nice collection
and thank you! hope you had a nice week! ;))
(psst and i gave you an award! )

nikaela marie said...

dreamy. xxx

Felix Curds said...


sara said...

so beautiful and dreamy, i love it
have a wonderful weekend!

Bebe said...

I haven't visited your blog in a while-- don't know why? but it is as lovely as ever. pretty pictures always make me smile. hope you are well xxo

Bebe said...

Ps I voted!

hila said...

sarah: that's my favourite piece too, I love it :)

ella: I know, aren't the collars too cute?

skeletaldreams: glad you like it :)

caitlin rose: and nadia is so nice too.

nadinoo: my pleasure and thank you!

tana: I discovered the label a bit late, but nevertheless, I'm glad I finally did.

if jane: thanks so much for the tag, alas, I've already done it, but it's the thought that counts :)

nikaela marie: yes, dreamy and lovely.

felix curds: oh my that's a british exclamation ;)

sara: you too!

bebe: hope you're well too, I miss you! and thanks for the vote!

Tracey said...

Oh these are so pretty ... the dreamy photographs are divine too.

ispystyle said...

What a gorgeous look book.
I haven't heard of this label before :)

SJ said...

i've been looking at Nadinoo for awhile now and desperately wanted to buy one of her dresses when I was living in London but alas, I was too poor!

i love Liberty prints and she makes such pretty things from the fabric.

hila said...

tracey: I know it's all so dreamy.

ispystyle: it took me a while to discover the label too.

sj: I'm too poor at the moment too, but maybe one day :)