Sunday, 3 April 2011


I've encountered so many beautiful landscapes lately. Don't you just love this image of a studio in Finland hidden between an eerie woodland landscape? If only my own little workspace was this alluring. I found this stunning image on photographer Giorgio Possenti's website. I also adore this studio that Rachel blogged about by the same photographer.

imagine studio

imagine studio

imagine studio

imagine studio

I also stumbled upon the lovely art of Lyse at Imagine Studio. Her fine art giclée prints are a combination of digital collages and painted photographs. I particularly like her landscape prints, which are homages to well-known artistic representations of landscapes.

beach at night

beach at night

beach at night

And these are my own accidental Impressionistic representations of landscape. I went out to a superb dinner at a delicious Italian restaurant last night: gnocchi, profiteroles with home-made ice cream and chocolate, Rose wine, mmm, need I say more? To top it all off, the restaurant was by the beach and we took a stroll afterwards. I had my camera and took a few snapshots. To my surprise, these images turned out strangely impressionistic. I rather like them.

And this is another stunning interior landscape of books you simply have to see. I literally gasped when I saw this.

P.S. I did another fashion and film guest post on Neon Enlightenment. This is the second post in a series of five. I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.


Ella said...

wow, these are absolutely breathtaking! i love the first one, the quaint little woods are a nice touch :)

Sundari said...

Your photos are great. They don't look like accidents at all. They look very deliberate and like they took hours. I wasn't sure what they were. They remind me of Whistlers 'Nocturne in black and gold'.

gracia said...

A studio in the treetops. In Finland. I could get used to that, I am sure of it. Here's to one day making it to Finland, if only for a little spell, and to snapshots that surprise us.

etre-soi said...

that first photo of that studio is just a dream, how wonderful would it be to stay there and gaze at the stars.... beautiful !
landscapes have been on my table too :), I mean I've been painting some landscapes of browns and blues. love those photos you made, it's fun to see that our electronic pictures aren't completely perfect and surprises are still on the menu !

Emily Vanessa said...

I'd love to work in a studio in the woods - so inspiring and close to nature. It's really cool that the other studio picture you mnetioned was taken in Berlin and now I'm so curious to find out exactly where. Thanks for sharing your snapshots - so pretty!

tywo said...

Wow! The first picture is magnificent! I would love to live in that!
have a wonderful weekend.


Caitlin Rose said...

beautiful, You're a regular Turner.

If Jane said...


louise said...

Yes that studio is heavenly. It would be fantastic to work in. xolj

Tana said...

The first picture is unbelievable,so harmonious with nature. But that awesome Baroque Library is so fantastic, really breathtaking!!!
And it was pleasure to read your guest post!

Bon début de la semaine!!!:)

mir said...

WOW, wow, wow ! Thanks! have a nice week !

Olga said...

This is a wonderful post. Every time I read your posts, I want to go and do something amazing :)

RamblingTart said...

Oh, that studio is breathtaking!! Wow. :-) It wouldn't take much to get inspired there. :-) Love these dreamy landscapes. :-)

Tracey said...

So much to delight the eyes and the soul in here Hila ... and your own landscapes are wonderfully mysterious too.

I love the Finnish studio - there's something wonderful about the light within the dark.

aldrin said...


CloudyKim said...

Wow, these pictures are awesome! Yes, I'd like a little studio too, tucked away somewhere. That first picture got me thinking about that again.

The second set was lovely - like watercolors. The vibrancy of the colors is stunning.

bronwyn said...

I want to live in the studio in the woods. It looks like it's floating in the trees. I like your photos as well. I love blury shots of lights at night. Very pretty.

naomemandeflores said...

That studio in Finland is so dreamy, it's like working inside a fairy tale! Love it!

Camila F.

Sarah Morgan said...

Lovely! That studio is incredible -- I feel I could create wonderful things working in there.

Your landscape pictures are wonderful. They really capture the moment behind the image.

hila said...

Ella: my favourite is the first one too :)

Sundari: thanks for the compliment, but I’m afraid it really was a complete accident that was perhaps aided by shaky hands as I took the photos when I was a bit cold. I wish it was deliberate as then I would know what to do to replicate it.

Gracia: oh yes, and I hope that it’s not just a dream!

Sofia: yes, it’s nice to get surprised by your perfectly ordinary digital camera :)

Emily Vanessa: if you find out where it is, I wonder if you could visit it?

Tywo: me too!

Caitlin rose: ha, I wish :)

If jane: thanks!

Louise: I’m not sure I’d get any work done, I’d be too distracted by the scenery.

Tana: I know, what I would give to visit that library and have an exclusive tour of it!

Mir: my pleasure!

Olga: oh thanks, that’s sweet :)

Ramblingtart: I think you’d have to be made out of stone not to be inspired by such a studio.

Tracey: yes, I love the contrast between light and dark in that Finland studio too.

Aldrin: a perfect hideaway :)

Cloudykim: yes, their vibrancy is what first attracted me to them.

Bronwyn: thanks :)

Camila: fairy tale is a perfect way to describe it.

Sarah morgan: thanks :)

skeletaldreams said...

This whole post is just so beautiful. x

Principia said...

I have a paper due next week about nature and landscape, and these images really helped me getting started.. thanks!

hila said...

skeletaldreams: thanks!

principia: oh good luck with your paper and glad I helped in any small way.