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Friday, 8 April 2011

filly designs

filly designs

filly designs

filly designs

filly designs

filly designs

filly designs

filly designs

filly designs

filly designs

filly designs

filly designs

filly designs

filly designs

The lovely Emily Christensen from Filly Designs has kindly let me feature her Spring 2011 and Fall 2010 collections on my blog. I just adore the simplicity, aesthetic and gentleness of her clothing lines. Filly is a clothing company based in Portland, Oregon. Emily creates her designs using American-milled and sustainable fabric, and all Filly garments are made to order in the San Francisco Bay Area. Both the loveliness of her garments and the fact that they are ethically made appeals to me. Have another peek at her collections here.

You may have noticed the Sydney Writers' Centre 2011 Best Australian Blog nominee badge on my sidebar. The very sweet Galit suggested I enter and of course, I did. I honestly don't know if my blog is good enough for this competition (or any competition), but the prize for this is writing classes at The Sydney Writers' Centre, which is my idea of heaven. So I'm giving it a go. I've entered in both the judges' category and 'The People's Choice Award' category. My blog readers can vote in 'The People's Choice Award' category, but voting for that only starts on 16th April. So I'll keep you guys updated. I'm saying thanks in advance though!

P.S. Have a read of an article I wrote on one of the most astounding ballets I've ever come across.

All images copyright Filly Designs.


Ariela said...

love love love these waistlines!

The above fore-mentioned. said...

Great images, love the elegance and simplicity. Fingers-crossed about the blog awards - how exciting! Do keep us updated!

Caitlin Rose said...

I love these as well. they are so natural looking. I also really liked your ballet article. You have such an accessible style of writing, but you are still so interesting!

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the blog awards! Your blog is one of my absolute favorites.

SJ said...

definitely put out a reminder and i'll happily vote for you :)

tc said...

these are beautiful beyond belief. love the simplicity.

Sundari said...

Oh I thought these were film stills and I was thinking 'oh i wish i could have those clothes'. :)

Miss Moss said...

count my vote!

ps: these clothes...

skeletaldreams said...

These designs are so elegant and beautiful. You have my vote, dear x

Emily Vanessa said...

Of course your wonderful blog deserves a prize and it's truly one of my favourites. Ah, these pictures are gorgeous and I honestly want everything - such exquisite detail and colours. The attention to detail reminds me a bit of Bright Star.

etre-soi said...

If I can (will they accept votes from around the world ? ) I'll vote for you on the 16th, you deserve it !
And I've been also dreamming of that kind of course too, there's a writers school here that apparentely has wonderful poetry courses, dream !

This designs are so beautiful, simplicity at its best !

the dizzle said...

thank you for sharing the clothes. they are beautiful and made my heart stop. the color palette especially.

P R I M O E Z A said...

your blog is wonderful - of course you must enter it.

amy said...

oh the blue dress is the sweetest!

Tana said...

Oh, what gorgeous photos!simple, delicate, elegant!
Your blog is worth winning. Really. It's not only good enough,your blog is absolutely amazing!!! je vais voter pour toi!
have a great weekend!

If Jane said...

oh i have a crush on this clothing line...;)
and must enter!!!

See Hear Say said...

i'm definitely voting for you!!

Sally said...

This line embodies what my dream personal style...thanks for sharing.

Olga said...

This is a great, charismatic clothing label. It's important to so many people to have fashion products made ethically. Sometimes I return to your photos - I think they have something personally for me.

CloudyKim said...

Really like the clothing, especially the first design!

I read your ballet article. Have you ever seen a performance of Coppélia? I think it's my favorite ballet of all time. I saw it performed by a traveling Russian company (I've seem before and they usually do a good job... but the name slips me).

However, the postmodern ballets you talked about in the article creeped me out a bit. I mean, all the sexual stuff with Clara was a bit disheartening; I like the story as it's usually told - all the whimsy and mystery. I'd probably leave the ballet feeling off. But that's just me. I get like that a lot with some postmodern things, haha.

Molly said...

Oh, be still, my heart… these clothes are simply wonderful. A word was forming in my mind while looking at them, that wasn't quite defined until I read your following description: gentle. There is something very gentle and tender about these designs. So lovely! Definitely count my vote in once the 16th rolls around!

odessa said... lovely. the clothes and the styling reminds me of Bright Star for some reason. i love, love, love the waistlines!

and yes, yes..please do enter. you can definitely count on my vote! good luck. xxo.

oktooca said...

wow, these are beautiful! thanks for sharing.

tywo said...

Wow! I though this was from a movie. Her designs are beautiful.
I wish you a lovely weekend.


naomemandeflores said...

Stunning! So simple and pretty, love the collection.

You can count on my vote, i adore your blog!

Camila F.

gracia said...

Will happily vote for your good self... by way of thanks, will accept that fine hound in the photos. He or she could come and stay with me for a spell. No, really, these are beautiful clothes, all of them, and your blog is such an inspiring read that I need no encouragement to vote for it.

Galit said...

These are so pretty, and totally my style. I would commit to wearing only her clothes. And the styling is mesmerizing. I second Tywo - I was sure these are movie stills and wondered if it is possible there's a new Jane Austen movie I haven't heard about!

Good luck with the competition!!! Keep us posted!!

Meri said...

wow, i love, love the ribbons and fit. it all looks so beautiful ♥

lizzie said...

simplicity at its finest.
congratulations on the nomination!

hila said...

Thanks everyone for the support about the blog competition. This is the first one I’ve entered and the thought of writing classes is what compelled me to enter. Fingers crossed!

Ariela: me too! I love high waistlines, they’re so much more elegant (if done correctly of course).

Fiona: thanks, I’m sure keeping my fingers crossed!

Catiline rose: oh thanks for saying so, I often worry that my writing is not accessible enough.

Anon: thank you!

SJ: why thanks :)

TC: me too, I love simple and elegant clothes.

Sundari: her collection look-books sure do look very filmic :)

Diana: oh I know, those clothes ... and thanks for the vote!

Skeletaldreams: thank you!

Emily Vanessa: it reminded me of bright star too – I think it’s the tones and colours. I’m honestly not sure if my blog does deserve an award, but it’s hard to be objective about these things.

Sofia: yep, anyone can vote, and thanks! I love the prize for this, which is why I’m entering. And congrats again on getting your work on Selfridges!! That’s huge news.

The dizzle: yes, the colours are so soft and inviting, aren’t they?

Primoeza: thanks ;)

Amy: that’s my favourite! It looks like something a Grecian lady would wear.

Tana: thanks for the vote of confidence!

If jane: I have a huge crush too, although I must not spend any money ...

Laura: thanks so much!

Sally: my pleasure, glad you like it.

Olga: yes, I’m all for ethically made clothes, I’m glad it’s a rising trend these days.

Cloudykim: yep, I have seen Coppélia – I loved it, but I don’t think it’s my favourite ballet. I think the point of the ballet I analysed is precisely to make people feel uncomfortable rather than soaking it all in uncritically. I know that not everyone likes this kind of thing, but there’s a place for critical thought, just as much as there’s a place for whimsy and fun. I love that postmodernism compels us to consider things in a new light and become more aware of the world we live in. Sometimes you need to shake people up and it’s not always going to be pretty :)

Molly: thanks! Ad yes, I think “gentle” sums it up.

Odessa: ah, you’re the second person to make that bright star comparison – you all have such good taste :)

Oktooca: my pleasure!

Tywo: and the model has such an interesting face too.

Camila: thanks so much!

Gracia: ha gracia, I’d like the hound as well. He looks like a good fellow. Thank you for the vote. x

Galit: well, there is a new Jane Eyre film out :) I thought you’d like these clothes.

Meri: I know, clothes with ribbons is always a good look.

Lizzie: thanks!

Tracey said...

Such gorgeous designs - I'm off to explore them further.

hila said...

I know, simply gorgeous.