Painting Party

Monday, 21 March 2011

painting party


painting party

painting party

painting party

painting party

painting party

painting party

painting party

I once got an email from someone who reads this blog asking me why I don't post pictures of myself or my friends. Of all the unusual emails I've gotten, this one was the nicest. I don't really think that's what this blog is about, and I try not to post pictures of myself or my friends as I'd like to keep a little bit of privacy. This is a public blog after all. Although I have to admit to really admiring those bloggers who post from their everyday life with such skill.

I recently went to a mini "painting party". It was so much fun, I don't know why my friends and I didn't think of it sooner. I had to show you guys some little bits and pieces of our day. There's something about these images of paint and colours that just makes me happy. And to appease whoever it was that sent me that email, there is one shot of me here, as proof to my grandmother as well that I actually have cut my very long hair. And in the spirit of giving credit where credit is due, thanks to my good friend Carol for some of these images. The beautiful first painting is by her as well.

Here are some more happy-making things:

: : A lovely review of The Elements of In-Between on Five Thousand by Stephanie Lyall. My favourite line: "Margaret and David meets Frankie". Ha, thanks Steph!

: : The wonderful "giving credit" project developed by Pia, Chelsea, Erin, Lisa, Nichole and Amanda.

: : This post on Miss Moss made me giggle (as does this).

: : Some little words of mine available in this collection.

What's everyone been up to?


The above fore-mentioned. said...

Hi Hila,

Great photographs, looks like it was a wonderful day. This month is so busy, but I have finally manged a quick post about your beautiful book. I look forward to reading more of it when I get my prospectus out of the way!

Have a great week.

The Yeti said...

Thank you so much for this! Your blog is one of my favorites and it's interesting to take a peek into the life of someone who is such a great source of inspiration.

Ella said...

oh this looks fantastic! what a wonderful idea :)

SJ said...

your friend's painting grabbed me straight away, maybe it's because red is my favourite colour :)
great idea, such a unique way to hang out with friends.

today i am feeling strangely liberated by the whole wedding planning process. i'm finally putting my foot down and going to enjoy myself.
i'm also excited about shelves for all the books that need a home in our apartment. simple pleasures :)

jodeska said...

What a great party afternoon! I had an "Arty Tarty Farty Party" once but there wasn't any actual painting...

Tana said...

What a nice colourful party,Hila! ^^

Emily Vanessa said...

Lovely to see some of your personal photos - they're really great and the idea of a painting party sound wonderful. I can well understand why you don't want to post photos of your friends and stay private; that's why I prefer to stick to land and cityscapes as well as food. But hopefully we'll have some more personal shots from you, maybe of favourite places?

Gwyneth said...

Cool. Your hair is so shiny it reminds me of a bird's feathers. Very black swan-esque!

Niina said...

Even though your blog is quite perfect as it is, it´s nice to see what happens behind the curtains. I love the idea of getting together and paint. Because sometimes it feels (atleast in my social circle) that we get stuck doing same things again and again (although it might be fun).

Sundari said...

What a cute idea to have a party. I have thought of doing something along those lines but figured I might have some eyes rolled at me because 'we are at art school after all'... It's interesting to see what goes behind the scenes in your parts. I always am unsure if I should share certain things on my blog but so much of my work is personal I guess. I read that review by Steph Lyall. Very cute. I liked that line as well!

Megan Champion said...

Your hair is still so long, it must have been REALLY long before. Growing up, Mom never let us cut our hair, I always hated sitting on it and jerking my head backwards. I cut it all off into a bob when I left home haha.

So like a kid.

Love the painting party photos, my friend often throws them but I have never made it to one.

anabela / fieldguided said...

Thank you for this little glimpse into your life! I know what you mean -- I don't post pictures of my friends either. I rarely take a camera out with me when I'm going to a party and whatnot! Just not in that habit.

lizzie said...

your painting party looks like a blast and the puppy in the beret is totally cute!

Sarah Morgan said...

A painting party is such a great idea! What a fun way to spend an afternoon with friends. I love that first picture; the red is so stunning.

mir said...

Next time i'm coming !!!! Thanks for yours colors !

naomemandeflores said...

A paint party! Sounds (and looks) like so much fun!

Thanks for the links, I love the "giving credit" project.

Camila F.

steph. said...

aw, thanks hila. i was just thinking about how nice it would be to paint but that i rarely have the motivation (or know-how!) - and look, here's your post! looks like fun. x

Christine said...

I know how you feel about sharing pictures of yourself and friends. That painting party looks so much fun. I love the pictures!

tschitschi said...

a painting party sounds like fun, what a great idea!

ispystyle said...

This is such an awesome idea. What did you paint in the end? Just individual things or one big thing that you all collaborated on?
The picture of the dog in the beret is ace.

RamblingTart said...

A painting party is such a splendid idea! I can't paint worth a hoot but I have done sewing parties with friends and we had a grand ol' time. :-)

aldrin said...

i've always thought paint looked appetizing... weird. of course, i've never been tempted enough to taste it.

CloudyKim said...

Wow, what great pictures! I love the dog with that hat - he's so cute! Gosh, I think it's been a few years since I even sat down with someone and doodled together. Maybe I need to do that again, haha. I remember it was relaxing.

Tracey said...

Such lovely photos Hila!

A painting party sounds (and looks) like lots of bright and colourful fun. The food looks delicious, and I adore the sweet artistic doggy! :D

hila said...

Fiona: thanks again, how sweet of you!

the yeti: oh thank you!

ella: it is a fantastic idea, but I can't take credit for it, it was my friend's idea :)

sj: yes, the painting party was a bit of relief from my usual stresses - a very simple, but totally enjoyable pleasure.

jodeska: I would have loved to peek into your "arty-farty" party :)

tana: looking at all the colours makes me happy :)

emily vanessa: yes, I should post more of my favourite places - I think I need a new camera though, my current one is temperamental and slowly dying.

gwyneth: hmm, if only I could be transformed into Natalie Portman - just kidding :)

niina: yeah, I know what you mean, we usually just hang out doing the same stuff, it's nice to do something different.

sundari: oh you should definitely try it, it's so much fun. I have the same dilemmas about what to post from my personal life, but like you, I feel that my writing is personal enough.

megan champion: it was quite long, although it seems to have grown so fast since I cut it about a week or two ago. I can't believe how fast it grows!

anabela: I don't have that habit either, and I usually forget to take photos. I guess we're just too busy enjoying ourselves :)

lizzie: the puppy was the best model :)

sarah morgan: yes, it's such a deep red.

mir: ha, well I'll see you there :)

camila: I love that project too, fabulous idea.

steph: most of us didn't have much technical skill or know-how either, it was just a bit of fun, you should totally try it - there's something calming about putting paint to canvas and shutting off the world for a little while.

christine: I'm glad most readers understand my reasons for not posting images of myself and friends/family. The internet can be a tricky thing.

tschitschi: it was a great idea!

ispystyle: we did one painting together as a present for a friend, as well as individual paintings. I "attempted" to paint an ice-berg.

ramblingtart: sounds like so much fun!

aldrin: no not weird, I've thought the same thing. But I haven't tasted it :)

cloudykim: it is so relaxing, try it :)

tracey: he was so patient to let us decorate him with a beret!