Maggie Harrsen

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Maggie Harrsen

Maggie Harrsen

Maggie Harrsen

Maggie Harrsen

Maggie Harrsen

Maggie Harrsen

Maggie Harrsen

Maggie Harrsen is a New York based photographer working closely with the relationship between nature and self. Her work explores a sensitivity to the environment and often reflects an ecological awareness.

When Maggie Harrsen emailed me with her photographs, I was instantly smitten. I love the calm gentleness of her imagery and its sensitivity to the environment in which we live. See more of her work here.

I can't think of a better time to share her photography than now, considering the current tragedies caused by our natural environment, not only in Japan, but in New Zealand and Australia as well.

I've been wanting to post about the tragedy in Japan for the past week, but words fail me. This is one of those situations where images are better than words. I've found two moving photo diaries which I've not been able to stop looking at via The Sydney Morning Herald and The Big Picture (thanks to Odessa for that last link). Please donate to the Red Cross and Japan Society's Earthquake Relief Fund if you can.

All images copyright Maggie Harrsen. Thanks again Maggie for sending me that email and sharing your work.


Katie said...

Oh yes, these are exceptional. They make me want to be in the pictures.

TC said...

these are beautiful! feels very california, though i've never been there before. and those images from the big picture are so striking... my goodness. thanks for posting those.

C said...

Thank you for sharing these photos-- I just visited Maggie's site, and I love the mood and light she captures in her images.

Ylenia said...

very beautiful pictures, love them all.
I love this 'allure', and the calmness they give.


If Jane said...

love the serenity of your blog and of course your beautiful writing!!
wonderful photos!

Sarah Morgan said...

Such beautiful images. I find the first two especially captivating. So lovely.

CloudyKim said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm glad you shared her work with us :)

lizzie said...

these are breathtaking...and i love your take on why they're important to share NOW of all times. wow.

Tana said...

Very beautiful photos! the first 2 are awesome.we forget sometimes about the fragility of the environment in which we live and i wouldn`t like to think that one day we`d enjoy the beauty of some places just looking at the pictures left.

Felix Curds said...

these are gorgeous, the second photo is amazing. hila, as you may well know, I think you are very cool and because of this I've tagged/awarded you... no pressure, just if you have the time;)

Tracey said...

Gorgeous photos ... I love the texture and the way that light has been captured in different ways ... they speak of peace.

Christine said...

Beautiful! I love how she plays with light in so many different ways.

Emily Vanessa said...

I wish I could dive into these photos and the sea. So talented and such extraordinary light. These pictures make me dream.

hila said...

katie: me too, I want to step right into the images.

tc: my pleasure, I'm glad you like them.

c: yes, she does create a very serene mood in her images.

ylenia: yes, "allure" is a good word here :)

if jane: aww, thanks!

sarah morgan: they're my favourite too :)

cloudykim: I'm glad she emailed me!

lizzie: yes, if only it wasn't such a sad link though.

tana: that's a frightening thought!

felix curds: oh thanks! I'll do the tag next week. thanking you kindly, oh cool one :)

tracey: yes, they speak of peace to me too.

christine: I know, I wish I was this good at capturing light.

emily vanessa: I agree, she's very talented - there are so many talented photographers around these days.

skeletaldreams said...

Beautiful. So serene. Thank you for sharing xx

Thao said...

I really admire the mood of Maggie's photos. There's a sense of ambiguity in them, which I find appealing. Thanks so much for sharing!

hila said...

skeletaldreams: my pleasure!

thao: I agree, like there's something lurking beneath the surface ... glad you like them.