Monday, 28 March 2011

the elements of in-between

the elements of in-between

the elements of in-between

the elements of in-between

the elements of in-between

Amy has shared some lovely images of the Hardcover version of our book on her blog, while I'm sharing a few pictures of the paperback version here. Anabela also has a sweet image on Fieldguided. Thanks also for the lovely mentions by Louise, Tracey and Fiona. And last but not least, thanks for all the kind emails I've received about the book, you guys are so wonderful!

The very clever and funny Felix Curds has tagged me with the Versatile Blogger Award. Part of the award is to share seven facts about myself and pass it on. I tag Galit, Anabela, Fiona, Laura, Jo, Gwyneth, Tracey and Diana. Only if you want to play along, of course.

In no particular order ...

: : I have a very mixed background. Although most people tend to mistake me for "Russian" (I have no idea what they actually mean by this), my family tree is more complicated than that. On my mother's side, my grandmother is Moroccan while my grandfather is originally from Argentina. On my dad's side, my grandfather is from Jerusalem while my grandmother is Polish. It gets more mixed when I go back further than that.

: : I'm addicted to old-fashioned murder mysteries like Midsomer Murders, Poirot and Marple. I really loathe the more modern CSI-style murder mysteries though. As soon as they start cutting up bodies and talking about science, my brain switches off.

: : I studied Philosophy, English, Cultural Studies, Political Science, History and European Studies at university. I still remember my first ever university exam which was in philosophy. I wrote about whether reality was real (how original) and then wondered whether a crap grade would also be "real".

: : My nickname in my family, roughly translated from Hebrew, is "little one", because, well, I'm little.

: : I always get asked by strangers if I've had a French manicure. It took me several years to find out what a French manicure is. My nails just grow abnormally fast, as does my hair.

: : I really am most unsentimental when it comes to occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and so on. However, I'm extremely sentimental when it comes to little things, like remembering a mood on a particular morning.

: : I once walked out on a date because the man asked me to "stop using big words". What does that even mean?

I'm sure you found that endlessly fascinating, ha. Have a great week everyone.


C said...

Your last fact is straight-up awesome-- I commend you!

And the book looks absolutely beautiful...

Tana said...

While i was absent there are 2 more posts here ^^).Congratulations on your book once again,it looks great!!!

The above fore-mentioned. said...

Thanks for tagging me. Your list offers a lovely little insight into the hila behind the blog. I love what you did on your philosophy exam, when i think back to my first philosophy assignments I am very embarrassed, I always (somehow) managed to write about existentialism, I even did it in my film subjects! what an idiot i was (and still am) :-)

the dizzle said...

soo, i've been following your blog for a while but have been too awkward to comment. it's lovely and inspirational and also brings calmness to me when i read it. i like these little facts about you! my mother is chinese and always referred to me as little one because i'm the baby of the family, my nails grow fast too and i get asked the same question and i think it's great you walked out on a date because of that. i can't believe someone would ever say that hah! now i'm curious too as to what words you were using :)

Gwyneth said...

Thanks for the tag! Your book looks so beautiful.

"Stop using big words." Big words like "cheque" and "please"? Haha. This is reminding me of all my bad dates. Like the time I went out with the personal trainer from my gym. He took his shirt off and spent the whole time looking at himself in reflective surfaces before calling my friend and I 'lesbians' because we didn't want to go back to his house. Maybe I should just list seven bad dates ;)

jodeska said...

Thanks for the tag! to think if 7 things. Loved your note about being unsentimental about some things and not about others. I'm exactly the same!

etre-soi said...

My copy should arrive any moment now, can't wait to read it :)

ahahha you made me laugh with that last one about the "stop using big words", you did the right thing !
Me too, I'm totally unsentimental to birthdays, anniversaries, etc (when there's a date included I forget :) ) but I can cry with a song or a smell that reminds me of moments I cherish.

Claire * Lola Is Beauty said...

Oh bad dates! Reminds me of one I had too that I *still kicking self* regretfully didn't walk out to order your book now!

Niina said...

Congratulations on the book! It looks fascinating.
I feel we share an affinity with classic crime. I love classic crime novels from Christie, Sawyers, Dickson/Carr, Ellery McQueen and others. Also when someone like BBC translates these into films and they have such an excellent actress as Geraldine McEvan starring as Ms. Marple. I can read and watch these over and over again because my memory is so short. And I also feel you with CSI, it´s hideous because they don´t focus on working with "little gray braincells". In Finland we have another popular genre I particularly dislike: depressed mentally unstable and disappointed (male) cops solving some psychologically/socially twisted murder beyond anything entertaining. We´ve gone a long way from the times when crime was done to get rid of inconvenience (as in classic crime).

RamblingTart said...

I love learning these things about you. :-) I'm a huge fan of British murder mysteries too - Poirot is the best. :-) I cracked up at your using words that are "too big" - I get that too. :-) My brothers and I grew up reading British books, so that may be the culprit. I still laugh at one of our good friends who, when we were playing Taboo or some other word game, said to my brother who was apparently using big words: "Dumb it down, man, just dumb it down." :-)

nikaela marie said...

1. the book is beautiful
2. laughed out loud at the philosophy comment. my undergraduate degree was in philosophy and that crap-mark-being-real-or-not joke was close to home. :)
3. so funny that you walked out on a date because you were too articulate.
5. have you been to morocco? a little part of my heart is there.

xxxx oox

anabela / fieldguided said...

Wow, that is a bad date indeed! Thanks for tagging me -- I'm not sure that there is any mystery about me any more, but I'll think about what my replies could be!

Galit said...

I did enjoy reading your little anecdotes! The first one made me laugh. I'm usually mistaken for being French. Can't get it... (if it was my choice I would have preferred to be treated as Italian!). I'm Half Egyptian half Israeli by my parents and quarters Spanish, Lebanese, Hungarian and Austrian by my grandparents.
The last one is just classic. I would date you. I love big words! :)

Thanks for the tag!!

Tracey said...

I love your little random facts ... thanks for the tag in my direction (I shall have to think on what interesting facts I can share).

How interesting that people mistake you for Russian - people have told me they think I'm Irish ... but again, I'm not sure where that comes from.

I love old-fashioned murder mysteries too - all that modern day blood and gore just turns my stomach and makes me turn the channel! ;)

Haha, what a loser that guy must have been to ask you to 'stop using big words' ... I mean, how big is too big a word?!? I love that you walked out on him!! :D

fabriken said...

answer: you're probably right about that! those miyazaki images kinda changed my mind, haha.

steph. said...

oh gosh, i'm a massive agatha christie fan as well. so darn good!

and i'm with you on the sentimentality thing too :)

P R I M O E Z A said...

that was entertaining - especially the date story - hilarious!

See Hear Say said...

lol so random i love it. and what the hell about 'stop using big words' that is such an odd thing to say, good decision that you walked out on him! thanks for the tag! i'll play along and have to think of my 7 things hmm...

See Hear Say said...

ps congrats again for the book!!

Nesha said...

wow, that book looks amazing! If I had the money (it's all going into my vintage business atm lol) I would buy it. Looks like it'll have to wait until May! I'm definitely keeping my eye out for it.

naomemandeflores said...

The book looks great, congratulations!

Lovely random facts about you, terrific! I'm also a bit insensitive when it comes to big dates. I can never remember birthdays and that really upsets people apparently.

Camila F.

Olga said...

It's such a big accomplishment, to have a book published. It was so interesting to read these facts about you. I found a few things in common between us. I'm really crazy about old detective stories :)

Ella said...

that book looks really nice!

....i really enjoyed reading your facts, i completely concur with the CSI is not my strong suit :)

Emily Vanessa said...

Those photos of your book are simply beautiful and I really want my own copy. It's cool to learn more about you; such an interesting background, I'm jealous. I also studied philosophy and prefer good old fashioned thrillers to these impossibly gruesome ones today. I have an Agatha Christie and another Raymond Chandler lined up.

louise said...

I enjoyed your seven facts very much. I too am addicted to Agatha Christie adaptations and I'm very glad you use "big words". xolj
PS Still loving your book.

Felix Curds said...

I can completely relate to you with the big word thing- I got marked down from an A to B grade by my silly english teacher for using the words 'existentialism' and 'misanthropic' in year 10 but let's not get me started baha! that book looks so pretty and I'm jealous of your nails- may I call you 'wonder claws'. does that even make sense?!!

thanks for doing the tag btw, it was lovely getting to know you all that little bit better:)

If Jane said...

wow about the book!!! ;))

and you are so interesting!! ;))

CloudyKim said...

I love the pictures from your book!

The fun facts about you were really great to read as well. I have the same problem (is it a problem?) with my nails - they grow so fast. They're very strong too. Have you ever seen the old 3D cartoon called Reboot? There's a character called AndrAIa in the second season (when she's older) who shoots her nails at enemies. Inspired, I always figured that my nails would be a more practical weapon in a pinch, haha.

adeline said...

congratulations! it looks so beautiful!

Miss Moss said...

i totally did it:

ps: i really laughed at that date story. big words, indeed.

Rhônya Holman said...

Loving the pictures, clean and well written! Congratulations on your book once again, well deserved...
Best of luck to you! =(^.^)=

jessie said...

the book looks amazing!! so very cute and lovely and I can't wait to read it. Oh and ps - who tells someone to stop using big words? lordy!

Katyha said...

the book looks wonderful, congratulations!

These seven facts about you are so interesting, truly!

bronwyn said...

The book looks lovely. I love that you walked out on mr. big words. just wow. and i get asked if i am russian all the time and i have no idea why.

gracia said...

The book is such a treasure... a beautiful and insightful treasure... and I like those old murder mysteries too.

hila said...

A few have you have asked what “big words” I was actually using and I don’t remember exactly, but I didn’t exactly regurgitate a dictionary of vocabulary :)

C: ha, thanks!

Tana: thank you so much :)

Fiona: well, I wish I had enough sense to link up my argument to existentialism, rather than making up my own philosophy and basically rambling.

The dizzle: oh please don’t feel awkward about commenting, I’m not at all intimidating and I’d like to think anyone can comment here. And thanks for the lovely insight about you too, seems like we have a lot in common.

Gwyneth: that’s hilarious! What a douche. Oh yes, “cheque” and “please” are really overdoing it, huh?

Jodeska: I just can’t muster up the required level of enthusiasm for birthdays and anniversaries, it feels forced.

Sofia: I knew we had a lot in common :) and I can’t wait to hear what you think about the book.

Claire: ha, I sort of felt bad for walking out, but seriously, what a stupid thing to say to someone. Thanks for ordering the book, hope you like it!

Niina: you’ve made me laugh with this line: “depressed mentally unstable and disappointed (male) cops solving some psychologically/socially twisted murder beyond anything entertaining”. Yep, I know those types of shows. They are so needlessly depressing and boring. I’m also sick of those “gritty” cop dramas – do we really need yet another one?

Ramblingtart: I get the “dumb it down” comment a lot – either that or a blank look. I honestly don’t mean to do this to people, but it’s just how I speak and think. It would be odd for academic/bookish lingo not to infiltrate my language, considering I spend so much time writing.

Nikaela marie: 1. Thank you, 2. I think anyone who’s done philosophy would be familiar with this situation :) 3. That date is now legendary amongst my friends, 5. I have, but I was so little, so I don’t remember anything. I have to go again.

Anabela: I’m sure you can muster some more mystery :) Bad date, but good story!

Galit: I’d date you too, especially if you look French, ha :)

Tracey: I’m not sure what people mean by “Russian” either, it’s strange. Poor guy, I hope he doesn’t read this :)

Fabriken: they would change my mind too!

Steph: I love her too, and it’s ironic that she was so insecure about her writing. If only she could see the television serials now …

Primoeza: I aim to please!

Laura: thank you sweetie! Walking out on that date was probably the most dramatic thing I’ve ever done – how tame am I? :)

Nesha: aww, I hope you manage to get a copy, I understand the financial difficulty, I’m often in the same boat.

Camila: I wish people didn’t get upset about such things. Friendship isn’t defined purely by remembering birthdays :)

Olga: oh this one is self-published, it’s just a fun side project (even though it does mean a lot to me). My bigger book project is with Palgrave Macmillan, and that will take a bit longer to be published.

Ella : thanks! I was always bad at science and maths, and still am.

Emily Vanessa: you should try sitting through a dinner with my extended family (multiple languages) and see if you’re still jealous :)

Louise: ah, those naughty “big words”. I really must narrow my vocabulary like a good little girl :)

Felix curds: my pleasure! You may call me anything you want :) Why on earth would your teacher mark you down for that?

If jane: thanks, the feeling is mutual :)

Cloudykim: I think my nails are the only physically strong part of my body :) They would be useful as weapons!

Adeline: thank you!

Miss moss: loved your answers!

Rhonya: thanks so much!

Jessie: that was the first question that came to my mind – who says stuff like that? Thanks for the compliment Jessie :)

Katyha: thank you, truly!

Bronwyn: we can be pseudo-russian sisters :) and “mr. big words”: love that title.

Gracia: thank you so much, that means a lot to me. xo