the elements of in-between

the elements of in-between

the elements of in-between

the elements of in-between

the elements of in-between

Amy has shared some lovely images of the Hardcover version of our book on her blog, while I'm sharing a few pictures of the paperback version here. Anabela also has a sweet image on Fieldguided. Thanks also for the lovely mentions by Louise, Tracey and Fiona. And last but not least, thanks for all the kind emails I've received about the book, you guys are so wonderful!

The very clever and funny Felix Curds has tagged me with the Versatile Blogger Award. Part of the award is to share seven facts about myself and pass it on. I tag Galit, Anabela, Fiona, Laura, Jo, Gwyneth, Tracey and Diana. Only if you want to play along, of course.

In no particular order ...

: : I have a very mixed background. Although most people tend to mistake me for "Russian" (I have no idea what they actually mean by this), my family tree is more complicated than that. On my mother's side, my grandmother is Moroccan while my grandfather is originally from Argentina. On my dad's side, my grandfather is from Jerusalem while my grandmother is Polish. It gets more mixed when I go back further than that.

: : I'm addicted to old-fashioned murder mysteries like Midsomer Murders, Poirot and Marple. I really loathe the more modern CSI-style murder mysteries though. As soon as they start cutting up bodies and talking about science, my brain switches off.

: : I studied Philosophy, English, Cultural Studies, Political Science, History and European Studies at university. I still remember my first ever university exam which was in philosophy. I wrote about whether reality was real (how original) and then wondered whether a crap grade would also be "real".

: : My nickname in my family, roughly translated from Hebrew, is "little one", because, well, I'm little.

: : I always get asked by strangers if I've had a French manicure. It took me several years to find out what a French manicure is. My nails just grow abnormally fast, as does my hair.

: : I really am most unsentimental when it comes to occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and so on. However, I'm extremely sentimental when it comes to little things, like remembering a mood on a particular morning.

: : I once walked out on a date because the man asked me to "stop using big words". What does that even mean?

I'm sure you found that endlessly fascinating, ha. Have a great week everyone.