Period Film Street Style by Miss Moss


The Piano : : Street Peeper


Marie Antoinette : : Peter Stigter


Atonement : : Citizen Couture


Cranford : : Mr. Newton


Downton Abbey : : Vanessa Jackman


Sense & Sensibility : : Style Sightings


Emma : : Facehunter


Pride & Prejudice : : Citizen Couture


Brideshead Revisited : : Citizen Couture

When Hila asked me to put together a guest post comparing period dramas to street style my mood instantly perked up. I LOVE period dramas, they are without a doubt my favourite type of film / show to watch. I could also write a paragraph about each of these, but I shall spare you my ramblings and just say that you need to watch every single one of them if you haven't done so already! Actually, if you have done so already - watch them again.

While I'm guest posting on Neon Enlightenment on fashion and film, the lovely Diana from Miss Moss is guest blogging here on, well, fashion and film! Thanks Diana! Aren't these fabulous?

Watch this space for another heady post filled with Diana's magic later on in the week. I'll also be contributing more fashion moments in film on Neon Enlightenment.

And before you leave, exit via Sparkapolooza, to read my little poem.

Have a great week everyone!