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I've been drooling over Kulte's 'Nouvelle Vague' Automne-Hiver 2010 collection all weekend. Which is quite appropriate considering I'm also trying to decide which films to see in the French Film Festival. Has anyone seen any of these films? I'd love to know if there are any films that I absolutely need to see.

What's been rocking your world over the weekend?

All photos by Cedric Viollet for Kulte.


etre-soi said...

French Film Festival that's great !
I could tell you something about almost every film there but I'll try just to give you some heads up of what France thought of some of them:

Wonderful positive critics :
Little white lies
Of Gods and Men (this one was a HUGE success here both with public and critics - haven't watched it yet)
On tour

Bad critics:
A view of love (boring)
Fair is fair (boring and not a great plot)
Special Treatment (boring and crazy)

I watched and loved:
The Round-up (this one is a great film plus Gad Elmaleh is such a wonderful BIG actor - a must see)
Angele and Tony (beautiful simple film about love and life)
All that Glitters (a very funny and completely in the "l'air du temps" about young people in France)
My afternoon with Marguerite (beautiful, beautiful film about books and life - I think you'll love this one too)
L'amour Fou (beautiful documentary about YSL and Bergé)

Haven't seen but really want to see and they had great critics here:
The clink of Ice
The women on the 6th floor

Haven't heard of (thanks for introducing me to them)but want to see:
My father's guests
beautiful lies
two in the wave

You also have: a perfect date which is a comedy in the style of the americain comedies, nothing new.
Sorry didn't wanted to be so long :)

hila said...

Sofia! thanks so much, you've helped me out a lot here! You're such a sweetie. Good to hear both your opinion and the critics'. And there is absolutely no need to apologise!

Thanks again!!


haze said...

aWW dear! awesome photos! i love the last one best! <3

skeletaldreams said...

the photos are beautiful, black and white suits so well!
thank you for your comment, i really do hope i love it too!


fabriken said...

thank you very much! that was very kind of you

Tana said...

Thanks so much to Sofia too!:)
The photos are great,it`s like a little b&w story!

The above fore-mentioned. said...

I love "Breathless", what a great photo shoot! I hadn't seen this before, glad you shared it.

P R I M O E Z A said...

nothing beats black and white. love the first shot - and her t-shirt!

Emily Vanessa said...

Great photos as always, how they make me dream! You simply have to see Of Gods and Men. It's the finest film I've seen this year and I can't see anything else taking its place. Otherwise, Carlos is a really great film and last weekend, I saw Two in the Wave about Godard and Truffaut which is well worth seeing, even if there are a few elements which annoyed me a little. Sounds like a great festival, spoiled for choice.

Marinka said...

those BW are amazing. Great photos

Julia said...

oh, how I love this and your tumblr. x

odessa said...

first photo reminds me of the movie Breathless..or is it supposed to be a parody? hehe. love all the photos and i'm obsessed with French films, but haven't watched anything lately. looking forward to your reviews about the festival! :)

If Jane said...

oh...i haven't heard of any of the films...but i would be interested in seeing:

L’Amour Fou--Yves Saint Laurent - Pierre BergĂ©
Director: Pierre Thoretton


Two in the Wave--Deux de la Vague
Director: Emmanuel Laurent

My Castle in Spain said...

Of Gods and men...a definite yes!
i haven't seen any other films and the selection sounds great. Because i'm a fan of Isabelle Huppert I would like to this movie Special treatment and L'amour fou too...
Enjoy the festival !

Sarah Morgan said...

such a beautiful collection of photos. thank you for sharing!

Design Elements said...

b e a u t i f u l !!!!!!!

Tracey said...

Oh my. Those images are drop dead gorgeous.

As for the French Film Festival ... I've been trying to work my way through the program of possibilities too ... I'm yet to make any decisions so will take any tips from you and your readers too. Though I am always partial to a Catherine Deneuve film ... she's rather spectacular! :)

Galit said...

These are so beautiful. Make me miss what we call 'The Mainland'... This style and also the look and feel of history all around you.

Sorry I can't help with any of the films! I'm so behind lately with everything related to cinema...

CloudyKim said...

I haven't seen any of them, but the photos look really cool! :)

hila said...

Sofia: thanks again!!

haze: my favourite is the first one.

skeletaldreams: I hope you do too!

fabriken: my pleasure.

tana: yes, I love fashion editorials that are like mini-narratives.

the above fore-mentioned: me too!

primoeza: yep, you can't beat the classics.

emily vanessa: thanks for the tip!

marinka: yes, I agree.

julia: thanks!

odessa: yes, its a creative nod to new wave and breathless.

if jane: great picks!

my castle in spain: thanks!

sarah morgan: my pleasure, glad you like them.

design elements: agreed!

tracey: I think she's rather spectacular too :)

galit: I love the feeling of these photos too.

cloudykim: they are pretty cool :)

Megan Champion said...

damn that guy is sexy. what? oh.... movies. yes...

hila said...

ha, at least you focus on the essential point of the post :)

See Hear Say said...

oh yes i'm looking fwd to the french film festival too, pls let me know if you've gone to any good ones!

hila said...

I will!

Jen said...

the affff starts (for me) this weekend - very excited... here's my shortlist given small amount of free time away from work and uni :)
- Nannerl
- The Age of Reason
- All that glitters
- A View of Love

There are others I'd like to try and get to, but who knows.

hila said...

oh, lucky duck! let me know what you loved.