Jody Rogac

Monday, 24 January 2011

jody rogac

jody rogac

jody rogac

jody rogac

jody rogac

I've caught a really bad cold and these moody images capture my mood perfectly at the moment. But seriously, I do love the gentle sensuality of these portraits and photographs. They are by the exceptionally talented photographer, Jody Rogac, who manages to capture something touching in each of her subjects. To see more of her work, click here.

The ever-inspiring Miss Moss has asked me to contribute to her things I like right now series, and you can read my entry here. Feel free to add to the list by telling me what things you like right now too.

All images © Jody Rogac 2010.


danica said...

very beautiful imagery! i hope you feel better soon - it is not a good time of year to be struck down with illness :(

Vanessa said...

Oh poor you! Colds are rotten so get well soon. I'm glad you're trying to stay cheerful by finding things that inspire you and love these photos. I think I'd like to be the girl in the second one, lost in her throughts in that beautiful room. I really enjoyed your I like now series and am keen to do my own. Some of the things I like now; hot baths in the evening with candles around, photos by Nan Goldin, classic NYC of the 60s, cool blondes in Hitchcock films, I Capture the Castle, Louise Brooks style bobbed hair, Larousse Book of Chocolate. That's enough I think. Take care, xx.

skeletaldreams said...

beautiful images, but more importantly, get well soon. in the mean time, enjoy the quiet and make the most of lazing around haha


Katarina said...

I've always loved her work, such an inspiration.
Get well soon :)

p.s. that J.S.Foer book!!! MUST get.

Kristina said...

The pictures are beautiful, especially love the third one! Great work, thanks for sharing.
Hope you feel better soon!!
Viele Gruesse, Kristina

MANDY said...

They really are so beautiful .... and I like your "Things I like right now" too !!!

MANDY said...

Oh and I hope get well soon XXX

size too small said...

really great portraits- loved your "i like" on miss moss

P R I M O E Z A said...

i love jody's work too. i tagged you in my blog and hope you feel better soon.

sara said...

these are all beautiful, i especially love the first
hope you're feeling better soon! said...

aaah! i screamed when you mentioned 'sweet valley high'. i thought the same exact thing when i read that hilarious bsc article. dying to know if jessica cleaned up her act? bet she's on her 3rd divorce and popping pills.

Aldrin said...

Thanks for the photo link, Hila. The best way to get better is to watch some really bad, but really good movies like 'You've Got Mail'. Or you can just watch a really good movie like 'Lost in Translation'.

Things I like: Smith Westerns 'Dye it Blonde' EP and old interviews from The Paris Review.

Drink lots of water too.

lizzie said...

LOVE these images and i hope you feel better!

Peroxide Blonde said...

Oh. Wow. How can you possibly make a cold look so beautiful,

Peroxide Blonde

Tana said...

oh, yes, they have something that touches (the first 2 photos are my faves:).
Get well soon !

tywo said...

I hope you are feeling better. Drink lots of tea! :)
I love the images.
I hope you feel extremely graceful soon.


Tracey said...

My goodness, those images are absolutely divine.
Dreamy, reflective and a slight underlying tension ... they make me want to transform into something much more elegant and refined.

Rebekka Seale said...


Sarah Morgan said...

Beautiful post. There is something so fabulously indulgent about a bad cold - you can allow yourself to feel moody and dramatic. Great pictures.

hannah, heart city said...

oof, how gorgeous. they are very stay inside during winter images, which is what i wish i could do more of.

Christine said...

Hope you feel better soon! I love your "things I like right now" list.

Lotte Janssens said...

this pictures are very pretty, hope the cold will be gone soon !

hila said...

Thanks guys, I hope I feel better soon too! You’re all sweet.

Danica: No, it’s a stinker today, and I’m still sniffly. Totally sucks.

Vanessa: that’s a pretty awesome list, maybe you should contribute too :)

Skeletaldreams: lazing around is only fun when you’re not sick – oh the irony.

Katarina: yes, I wish I could find a copy.

Kristina: I like the third one too.

Mandy and size too small: thanks!

Primoeza: thanks again for the tag Elizabeth, it was fun.

Sara: thanks!

Goodniteirene: I agree, I can totally picture Jessica as a multiple divorcee, with a pill habit. Elizabeth is probably running for president.

Aldrin: thanks for the kind wishes, I only wish watching dvds would also cure me of the cold. And I like your list!

Lizzie: thanks!

Peroxide blonde: trust me, I don’t!

Tana: they are pretty special aren’t they?

Tywo: thank you, I hope so too.

Tracey: yes, dreamy is a good way to describe them.

Rebekka: I agree!

Sarah: oh believe me, I’ve been dramatic, and then some.

Hannah: me too!

Christine and lotte: thanks, you’re both sweet.

thea said...

i love the light in these...



hila said...

me too!

morgan said...

these are lovely, especially the one in the green chair. <3

hila said...

I know, don't you love the feeling of that photo?

Megan Champion said...

I love the girl looking out the window, so perfect.

Where do you find you stills and photos? You always have the best ones!

hila said...

I just roam the internet :)