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Saturday, 8 January 2011








When I saw the post "Art on the Streets" by the fabulous Miss Moss, I thought it was such an ingenious idea. What I love most about these pairings is the way they suggest the continuity of fashion and its relationship with art. I also really adore her "Atonement & Morris" post, which shows how fashion, craft and art are intertwined. There's this tendency to pit one form of creative medium or process against another (i.e. fashion is "commercial", while art is not, craft is for amateurs, while art is for "real" artists). I'm more interested in how different media and creative processes blend into each other. These posts are such a great idea.


Danica Keeley said...

I agree, it is ingenious. Although the differences are subtle it makes more than enough sense. Well, fashion and art are never meant to make sense but you get the idea. haha

Great post and I love the new layout. <3

See Hear Say said...

awesome post!

Tana said...

agree with you it`s ingenious. it`s a way to combine the past&the present, the real art and 'street' style, one shot and long hours of work, perception through lens and camera vs brushes and paints, other views on standarts. that's great

Sundari said...

These are great. I saw them somewhere else, perhaps where you mentioned. I really like how you show them nice and large though... I totally agree with you about the silly hierarchy/pigeon-holing that people do with different creative mediums. I'm an appreciator of fashion, craft, etc and would like to think they are all interconnected.

etre-soi said...

this is so interesting, love this idea as for me art/fashion/craft can't be separated.

Eliza said...

this so marvellous. well-done pairings, wonderful.

Christine said...

I love these types of posts. Creates a more interesting interplay rather than just looking at girls in cute outfits. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

aldrin said...

really cool idea. thanks for sharing!

mir said...

Thanks...I love this post...!

CloudyKim said...

Woah! This post was so amazing! I never thought of putting current street fashion and art together - thanks for posting these images! I love the first one with the flowers, and then the one with the blue jumper and gold necklace.

Sometimes I think we underestimate how closely related everything is to each other. This is one such instance of proof, haha.

Felix Curds said...

life imitating art- wowzers I like that! thanks for sharing this:) and i agree, people always put art and craft against each other and sometimes it's silly because it's more the fact that people long to create and do create. just... i don't know. loving the 3rd and 5th <3

skeletaldreams said...

this is beautiful, i love the connection between both mediums of art
wonderful post xo

Ella said...

this is fantastic on so many levels! the whole ideology blows me away!

mckenzie. said...

thank you for posting this.
i am enchanted!

Enia Is (Almost) Here said...

wonderful idea and a terrific find! love the atonement links as well, really match the beauty of that movie...

Vanessa said...

This is such a great idea and it reminds me of Proust's Swann who is always finding resemblences between figures from works of art and those in real life. The parallels between the paintings and the wonderful photos is brilliant.

secret, fragile skies said...

beautifully done! love Vanessa's comment.

danica said...

such an excellent project! i love the juxtapositions.

Kat said...

Dear Hila,
This is such a great post, great images, so inspiring! Happy new year!
All the best,

and flowers pick themselves said...


xo Alison

Design Elements said...

wonderful post!!!

P R I M O E Z A said...

love it!

Tracey said...

Every time I see these beautiful combinations my breath is taken away ... just wonderful and wondrous all at once.

sarahbeth said...

wow - this is lovely and inspiring. great thoughts - it's interesting how we pigeon-hole artistic expression. thanks for sharing.

bronwyn said...

I love these. The La Mosca girl is stunning and her necklace is a work of art. This really is a great project.

Joanna said...

Wow! These are excellent! xxx

Yba said...

Wonderful post, I'm impressed.
Your blog is amazing.

lavelle said...

i love miss moss! These types of posts are amazing

i just discovered your blog through field guided and have to let you know that i am now following!


hila said...

danica keely: thank you! nice to hear from you :)

see hear say: thanks Laura!

tana: what a great way of putting it, thanks for your thoughtful comment.

sundari: I'm getting tired of hierarchies, we all create stuff, so it's all "creative".

sofia: me too, I thought you'd like it :)

eliza: I know, she paired them off so well. Very clever lass!

christine: I know what you mean, it does distinguish her blog from other fashion blogs out there.

aldrin and mir: my pleasure!

cloudykim: it never would have occurred to me either.

felix curds: I agree, very well said :)

skeletaldreams: thanks!

ella: I know, I'm with you!

mckenzie: my pleasure!

enia: yes, the atonment one is just stunning, and I love William Morris.

vanessa: oh you're right! You've made me want to go re-read proust. Clever you for pointing this out, thanks :)

secret, fragile skies: me too!

danica: yes, they're great, and probably appeal to both our sensibilities :) Hope you're having fun in HK!

Kat: thank you, and happy new year to you too!

alison: agree, agree, agree ;)

design elements and primoeza: thanks!

tracey: I totally agree.

sarahbeth: my pleasure!

bronwyn: yes, she's pretty darn cute, huh? I love her blouse too.

joanna: they are indeed!

yba: why thank you.

lavelle: thanks for following! much appreciated :)

Miss Moss said...

hey hila, thanks for the kind post!

i suppose i should have renamed the 'colour comparisons' tag to something more apt - because it is, as you said, a bit more than that. not just the colour but a certain texture and feeling that i get between the two images; as well as the 'relationship' (so to speak) between different areas of creativity that seem so vastly different.

anyway, glad you liked them.

hila said...

thanks so much Diana and more precisely, I'm glad you like it! I think whatever you call it, it's a wonderful idea and yes, it does speak to the texture and feeling between different art and media.

gracia said...

I'd not seen these before. How clever and beautiful.

julie said...

beautiful and interesting pairings.

hila said...

it is very clever Gracia, a stroke of genius.

and I agree Julie.

thea said...

oh definitely!! It's so subtle and beautiful. Makes you appreciate the reality and the paintings much more visually, don't you think? :)



hila said...

Yes, I definitely think :)

thanks for visiting thea, I love spoonful zine.