The erotic, is where the garment gapes.
-Roland Barthes, The Pleasure of the Text, 1975, p. 26.

Authentic sexual pleasure is not, after all, a fleeting and circumstantial thing; it is a releasing of the self, a charged somatic awareness, carried beyond the bedroom ...
-Gail Jones, The Piano, Currency Press, 2007, p. 56.

We live in a male-centric reality. Women don't know how to trust themselves, even how to look at themselves ...
-Jane Campion, Harper's Bazaar Australia, January/February 2010, p. 86.

Last night I talked to an old friend on the phone for hours. And then I bawled like a baby. I really hate living far away from people I love. I did receive a special request to not simply tell him what's going on in my mind, but show him. Sometimes it's hard to describe some of my thoughts. So these are a few fragmentary tidbits of things that have been occupying my mind.

Image Credits: 1. False Flags, 2. George Raft, 3. Clotilde Hesme & Louis Garrel in "Les amants réguliers", 4. The White Rose / die Weiße Rose, German resistance group during ww2, 5. George Hoyningen-Huene, Lee Miller, 6. Balanchine, Rehearsing Don Quixote. Suzanne Farrell and George Balanchine in 1968.