These images are a few of my favourite bits and pieces from my Pinterest board. I'm a natural collector, so I was instantly drawn to Pinterest as I love the idea of a virtual pin board on which to record your favourite things. There's something satisfying about viewing and creating collections.

Joining Pinterest is by invitation only, and I have four invitations to give away. So if you'd like to join, leave me a comment and I will pick four names out of a hat.

If there are any pinners who could also help me out with a teeny problem, that would be grand. My twitter icon isn't appearing here, underneath my profile where all the other icons are, even though my account is linked to twitter. If anyone knows why and can help me fix it, I'd be ever grateful. My computer's been acting strange with a lot of programmes lately.

Image credits: Untitled, Shawn Sheu, Northern lights in Iceland, Untitled, Fox #1, I Love Saturdays.