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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

french wedding

french wedding

french wedding

french wedding

french wedding

french wedding

french wedding

I first stumbled upon this beautiful French wedding on Jo's blog, and then visited the original post here. I love the whimsical and nostalgic tone of the wedding, along with its simple aesthetic. I would love to organise a celebration like this, regardless of whether it's a wedding or not. And really, do we need the excuse of a wedding to wrap a beautiful scarf or veil in our hair? I think that's my favourite bit. It reminds me of my grandmother's own wedding and veil.

I wanted to say thank you to all of you who comment on my film posts. You have no idea how helpful some of these comments are, even if they are simple encouragement or statements. I will be working very hard on my book with Palgrave Macmillan over the next couple of months, and I'm also contributing to a Blackwell companion book on Historical film. This will mean a lot of film watching and reviews. Some films I watch because I need to write about them, others because I'm testing some ideas I have about certain styles of films. Of course, I can't share with you ideas that will appear in print next year and the following year, but I can muse with you all on my little blog. Sometimes it's important to hear what other people think. So any opinions or comments over the next few months about films I happen to discuss would be much appreciated.


HomeCollection. said...

thanks for stopping by.
you have a very inspiring blog.
i'll come back!
(and i like the pictures of the vintage wedding too!)

Indie.Tea said...

The photographs of the wedding are beautiful. Very traditional, yet the wedding clearly reflects the couple's style.

Deleilan said...

What a whimsical dress... I especially love the way the veil is tied with her hair at the back.

I look forward to your musings on films and anything else you may write about. It's always a pleasure to read you!

(I have to ask: is the title of your post meant to be the French for "I do"? If so, I'm afraid it's inaccurate (it translates "I do [something]", but not "[yes] I do"). The traditional formula in French is "Oui, je le veux"... Sorry to be such a nitpicker!)

Vanessa said...

I so love this blog and the wonderful things I discover here. Funnily, I don't really dream of getting married but these pictures make me dream of such a special day. The cake is sheer perfection.

Film is such a huge part of my life so I'm really looking forward to all the great posts to come as your books progress.

hila said...

ha, yes, deleilan, I realise the inaccuracy (my aunt is french, and so is most of my grandmother's side of the family). It's supposed to be a double meaning sort of title as in "I do" in a wedding sense, but also "I do something" in the sense that I'll be doing a lot over the next few months (film watching, writing). Sometimes I think my puns are only understood by me, but oh well :)

tywo said...

This is beautiful.


gracia said...

I love to wear a scarf in my hair though seem never game to do so out of the house. I fear the wind will shape me a mess and send my scarf flying. That said tomorrow I am off to purchase a good sunhat to see me through the summer. One that wont blow off but wont need chin strap either.

Love your film posts, and so excited about your book. Woo!

G xo

Deleilan said...

Hila, your puns are obviously too clever for me!

Megan Champion said...

(sigh) its all too pretty.

The above fore-mentioned. said...

Congratulations on your book and your contribution to the Blackwell book - how very exciting. Keep us updated!

hila said...

you guys are the best, I love reading your comments :)