Stepping Out

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

stepping out

The Australian Ballet's 2011 season has been launched today, along with the triple bill, British Liaisons, dedicated to the company's British beginnings. I dare you to watch this video and not get excited. I have contributed in my own small way to the launch of the 2011 season with an article on The Australian Ballet's British roots, which you can read here.

Has anyone been to the ballet lately? If so, please do share.


Enia Is (Almost) Here said...

no ballet lately for me sadly, but so envious that you get to write about it. it is by far my favorite 'classic', miles before opera and classical music on its own.

angi said...

ive always admire ballet dancer so ethereal and mosacic in there movement.. but alas so expensive to go see :(.. that picture is very calming, i like it ALOT! x

kirstyb said...

ah i havent been for a while xxxx

Maura said...

What a great season! I had the chance to see the Oregon Ballet Theatre perform "Duets" (compilation of pieces) a few months ago, really lovely.

tywo said...

I have never been to one. Sounds lovely though.
Have a great day!


Mary-Laure said...

Alas, I have not gone to the ballet lately but as you know I am a huge ballet addict. I was in NYC last month and took some GREAT ballet classes at Steps.

hila said...

enia: me too, I have to agree.

angi: it is very expensive, especially for us writing (hence, penniless) folk :)

kirstyb: it's been a while for me too, money has been saved for travels.

maura: lucky you!

tywo: you have to go, at least once.

mary-laure: hi! hope you're doing well. I'm so envious of your ballet classes.