The English Department




oysters and pearls






I'm not a wedding person. To be honest, I struggle to find the excitement that so many of my girlfriends seem to naturally have when it comes to weddings. I would rather spend the money that is poured into one day into many days of travel and adventure instead. But even I have to admit, these dresses are beautiful. I would buy one of these dresses just to wear to an event, wedding or not. And guess what? They are made by a design studio called The English Department! A sign, don't you think? Unfortunately, even at $900 a dress (pretty darn cheap for dresses such as these), I can't afford one, but I can still share them with you. I think what I love about these dresses is that they are quite simple designs, with little details that make them interesting. I like the frill at the waist on the Giselle dress for example. And for some reason, they do remind me of the intricate costumes in Jane Campion's Bright Star.