Sunday, 30 May 2010




My mother has arrived from Paris and Israel bearing gifts of perfume, chocolate, poems and a single (ceramic) Pomegranate. I love the last two gifts the most. The Pomegranate reminds me of summers in Israel and the poems speak to me in words of nostalgia that I'm all-too-familiar with. Have you ever been struck with a such a pang of homesickness, that it literally hurts?

Poem from When leaves Fall by Maccabit Malkin, illustrated by Tali Geva, translated into English from Hebrew by Natanya Wachtel.


marie said...

yep that happens too often for me ;)

Danica said...

I lived in Ecuador for a whole summer and my home is in Southern California. So the homesickness was not only missing home but being so culture shocked as well. :/

Sundari said...

I often feel this way, but it is more a longing for a real home. Because I don't feel as though Australia is my home but despite growing up in Indonesia I didn't feel like I fit in there either. It's a strange feeling.

even eve said...

I love the that red :)

Make it Easy said...

very pretty. that poem was nice

Daphne said...

I adore your blog, it reminds me of the feeling I get when i'm reading a good book and I don't want it to end.<3 That's a wonderful poem, you have the greatest taste.;)

danica said...

oh my - i just noticed that you have another danica in your life :)

i love the illustration, hila. it must be nice to have your mum home again

hila said...

marie, danica, sundari: there's something comforting in knowing you guys feel that way too.

even eve: me too!

make it easy: the book has lots of lovely poems.

daphne: that's incredibly sweet of you to say, thank you.

danica: there's only one danica like you! :)
It is very nice to have her home.

tywo said...

I love that poem.


Des said...

Yes, homesickness really is the worst.

ashley said...

oh, i want a porcelain pomegranate!
x ashley

hila said...

thanks for the comments :)