Reading by Moonlight


I'm currently reading the most wonderful book, Brenda Walker's Reading by Moonlight: How Books Saved a Life. It somehow requires a better adjective than "wonderful", but I'm adjective- and word-weary at the moment, I haven't stopped writing all week. Reading is my respite. I do think I'm incapable of describing this work in a manner that is as illuminating as Brenda's own words, so I'll leave you with them:

This is the story of the right book, or books. We each have one life, one share of action and vision and money; a single life for all our speech and thought, our decent gestures and the decisions that might undo us, our welcome or unwanted love, our parties that may or may not come off. One life to satisfy our vast and human sense of voyaging. With the right books we find out what imaginary strangers have done with their share of this amazing thing, life.