Principia has tagged me to list seven random facts about myself and tag seven bloggers to do the same. Merci for the tag!

Some things about me ...

1. I don't really get bored. One of my favourite pastimes is to stare into space with a glass of something in my hand, with the luxury of thinking.

2. My hair is really quite long now. It hasn't been this long since I was in high school. I keep meaning to cut it, but something always holds me back. Nostalgia? Or perhaps ballerina man calling me "Cathy".

3. I never read just one book at a time, but two or three, (or four).

4. Two years ago, on this month, I started this little blog, at the suggestion of this lovely lady.

5. I like old fashioned murder mysteries and thank you cards.

6. I like giving lectures but find big parties intimidating.

7. I am fascinated by all theories of the sublime.

I tag A Coming of Page, A Red Lipstick, Fluid Imaginings, Intimate Vignettes, Marie, Red Aprons & Lunchboxes and Rina.

Image by tiavir.