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Friday, 16 April 2010








Have you visited Abstract Gourmet? There are a million and one food blogs out there, but this one is probably my favourite. It's been a rather busy week, but there's something about looking at images of food that makes me feel calm. You will be pleased to know, bloggy friends, that as well as the title of Doctor, I have also been appointed an Honorary Research Fellow. I am, needless to say, quite happy.

I hope you've all had a lovely week ...


Sundari said...

Hila, that's wonderful news! I'm sure you were such an obvious choice. And I agree on the food thing, it is quite un-chaotic to think about food.

marie said...

congrats hila!
and I didn't know about this site so thanks -)

danica said...

oh, i love matt's food posts! he is definitely the best food blogger in perth. congrats again on the honorary research fille position (notice the change?). t'was well deserved, indeed :)

Lemon said...

thankyou for sharing this link.
(the photos make me desperately want to cook!)

CeCe said...

congratulations on the position! and, what a fabulous food blog -- thanks for sharing.

cinta / sepi / sayu said...

oh is that risotto? <3

thank you for stopping by. the light is just regular light that has leaked onto the film. i have yet to be able to control exposures to the film hehe, Xx

ashley said...

x ashley

Jo said...

wow hila! i'm so happy for you. congratulations :)

gracia said...

So happy for you. That is wonderful news and from where I sit, so very well deserved. Congratulations!

Matt said...

Well hello Hila,

I'm glad my photos bring you some calm and thanks for the lovely note. Also congratulations on your new title Dr :)


louise said...

Congratulations on becoming an Honorary Research Fellow, Doctor Hila. Bravo!

Hila said...

Thanks everyone, your comments make me smile :)

Sundari: that is super sweet of you to say and thanks again for the email.

danica: merci! I think I should adopt fille instead of fellow :)

lemon: it makes me want to eat!

cece: my pleasure

cinta/sepi/sayu: it look like risotto to me.

ashley: drool indeed!

marie, jo, gracia and louise: thanks so much lovely ladies!

Matt: thanks for dropping by, and more importantly, for your beautiful blog.

Clare said...

Wow i feel hungry now!

Hila said...

I know, it all looks delicious.