Wednesday, 24 February 2010





I love the feel of Toast's new Spring catalogue, which seems to be comprised of subtle splashes of primary colours and soft sunlight. It makes me think of eating Popsicles in the sun. I do wish summer was as romantic as they make it look though. I'm ready to leave summer behind this year, and it's going out with a bang in Perth. We've been having (and about to have some more of) the kind of heat that makes you wish for freezing snow.

At least there's a lot to do here in summer, as I seem to be all about festivals lately. The French Film Festival has arrived on our shores and I'm trying to narrow down my choices. Can anyone recommend a particularly good film from the ones that are on offer?


Christina said...

I do love toasts clothes and their photo shoots. Makes you want to walk straight into the pictures. I am so over the heat we have been having here on the gold coast too. I can't wait until Winter! I have realised that I have at least twice as many Winter clothes as Summer clothes. Just love layering. :)

Make it Easy said...

oh wow pretty! like the colours too!

heleen said...

The way this is photographed is so pretty, too! Makes me want to tap into my inner child and dress in all kinds of bold colours, while I'm usually a more muted-colour girl!

Principia said...

:o so many to choose from! I'd probably go see Regrets, LOL, Coco & Igor, Neuilly Yo Mama, and that Jack & Jill one.. and also the Gainsbourg one. :p

A red lipstick said...

Wow, such happy colours! I love the last picture, it reminds me of my own excitement when packing for a holiday.

the maisies said...

do you know where these were shot? for some reason, they make me want to travel to spain.

marie said...

oh you get the film festival first..
you'll have to tell me if you see anything exceptional :)

danica said...

42 degrees today! i could just imagine wearing one of those gorgeous outfits and it would be soaked in sweat! hope you're keeping cool.

french film festival = fun times. i think i'm going to have a look at some online reviews...the only film i've decided on is making plans for lena because i love christophe honoré.

urban flea said...

such lovely images! i just wanted to let you know that i recently added you as a banner link over at urban flea. i'd love for you to swing by sometime soon and let me know what you think! hope you're having a wonderful week my dear!

xo urban flea :)

Hila said...

christina: I have twice as many winter clothes too - mainly because I like Winter clothes better, but also because I think we need less clothing in summer :)

make it easy: I think the colours are the best thing about this catalogue.

heleen: me too - I'm not usually into bright clothing, but I have to admit, this is rather pretty.

principia: thanks for the picks!

a red lipstick: I'm always grumpy when packing :)

the maisies: actually I don't, but I'm pretty sure they would have said the photoshoot location on their website, so you might like to check it out. It does remind me of Spain too.

Marie: I will! Will let you know if anything was particularly good.

danica: I know, this weather totally and utterly sucks! Bring on Winter!!
Let me know if you read any good reviews.

urban flea: thanks! I'm sure it's just lovely, but I'll visit soon :)

Lulu said...

oh i love these pics! makes me want to take a looong vacation to a very warm and colorful place!

ashley said...

i love every toast that arrives at my door, this one is perfection!
x ashley

Hila said...

I agree lulu and ashley!