Charlotte and Beck

Friday, 12 February 2010

Charlotte and Beck ... perfection. I have nothing more to say really. Enjoy.


tinyacorndreams said...

I've had this album on repeat for days now, absolutely wonderful. I've been enjoying your blog after stumbling across it, gorgeous posts!

About Me said...


Des said...

This is a great video. Beck is one of my favorite musicians.

danica said...

don't particularly like beck, but love charlotte :)

p.s have you seen antichrist?

Mila said...

hope you're fine, dear Hila.


Rina said...

I love that duo, I love the song, I love the you said: perfection!

Hila said...

Maura: it is pretty wonderful. And thanks!

about me: me too!

Des: I have to agree, I love Beck.

Danica: nope, haven't seen it - is it any good?

Mila: thanks, hope you're great too!

Rina: I adore everything about it - and I want her plaid shirt!