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Monday, 14 December 2009


Lately, I've been wishing for many new things. At the top of my list is new ballet gear, followed closely by a pretty new dress for my graduation. I know it's too early to be thinking about the graduation ceremony, considering it'll be in early March next year, but I can't help it. I have this old-fashioned sense of propriety that a special occasion deserves a new dress, and so I've been keeping an eye out for a particularly unique dress. If you have come across such a dress, I would love to know about it.

I've also been thoroughly tempted by books; specifically, ones about food. I'm not a particularly domestic person, but lately I've been very distracted by cook books and recipes. These ones look especially nice:

The Joy of Eating: The Virago Book of Food
This book manages to mix my sudden fascination with food with my one true love: literature. I love the idea of knowing what is in the literary kitchens of Emily Brontë and Angela Carter.

Pam's Recipe Book
I almost bought this recipe book as it's reasonably priced and looks adorable with the kind of comfort food I love, but their shipping is just too expensive to be justified.

Shannon Bennett's Paris: A Personal Guide to the City's Best
My favourite city and food collide. I'm a sucker for guides to Paris, but even more so when these guides focus on food and restaurants.

And while I'm on the subject of books, I thought you'd like to know that I'm busily working on my book project. I think it'll turn out to be a lovely book, mainly due to Amy's illustrations.

Image from repetto.


Stéphanie said...

I adore your blog more and more !

a. said...

oh, i'm very excited about my graduation!

onesilentwinter said...

oh hila! do you have an idea what kind of dress you would like? i would love to help( ps. does new mean no vintage?)

as far as books oh i have a list too!

marie said...

love that shot.
ive been eyeing molly w's book 'a handmade life' - but why is shipping so expensive?!?

Sundari said...

I can't wait to see this book. Are you self publishing 'zine' style? I agree that special occasions always deserve a new dress, what colour are you thinking? And I am letting you know that I am continuously jealous that you studied ballet! It must be beautiful. :)

gracia said...

A new dress for March. A new dress for your graduation ceremony. Yes, a new dress is called for. Not being much of a dress wearer I will be of little help. Nonetheless I shall keep my peepers peeled.

Lucie Peacock said...

I will always love the original Betty Crocker Cook Book. It was in the kitchen of every woman I knew while I was growing up. Just looking at it makes me want to bake cookies!

Hila said...

stephanie: thank you!

a.: when are you graduating??

Nadia: thanks for all you help and emails :)

Marie: I know, it really is becoming ridiculous. Toast has a standard shipping fee of 35 pounds to Australia, regardless of what is in your order. I think this is unacceptable really as it isn't even express shipping but regular shipping. I don't see why they can't use the same shipping method as Topshop for example.

Sundari: yes, it'll be self-published, but a proper hardcover book with an ISBN. It's my fun project, so I don't really want to go through either an agent or editor in order to publish it - I have enough writing to do lately which has to go through editors, publishers, agents, etc.!! I have about 3 book chapters to write for 3 collections and I'm preparing my thesis as a book proposal for an academic press. So this will be my more laid-back piece of writing :)

As for the dress: I was thinking a neutral sort of colour (black or white) so that it doesn't clash with all the other graduation attire - i.e. the robe, cap, etc.

Gracia: thanks!

Lucie: I never heard of betty crocker till we moved to Australia. I grew up with a whole different sort of cook books and recipes. I'm a terrible baker - I tend to burn everything.