star of david lights

star of david cookies


chanukah food



chocolate coins

Just a few images to show you what this time of year looks like for me. I've been eating many latkes and sufganiyot, feasting with my family far too much, collecting chocolate coins, lighting many candles and gleefully playing with a dreidel like a kid.

These lovely images were not taken by me, but belong to the talented tamlyn. I went on a camera strike this Chanukah. I'm usually the one holding the camera, rather than sitting down eating, lighting the candles, or participating in the making of all the delicious goodies. This year, I skipped recording the event in favour of participating in every aspect of it.

These images are however a strikingly accurate depiction of what Chanukah was like at my place, right down to the mesmerised cat staring at the candles for hours and the Star of David cookies which I attempted to make while my grandmother gave me instructions over the phone from Israel. Mine didn't turn out quite as pretty as these ones, but at least I baked without burning! This is a huge achievement for me.

Alas, the only image that wasn't reflected at my place is the Star of David lights. I wish I could find some here, they look pretty darn cool.

Happy Holidays everyone, whatever it is that you do, or do not, happen to celebrate this time of year. I'm taking a small break from my little blog from now till New Year's Day, so a Happy New Year to you all too. Thank you for visiting my blog all year long, it has been quite a year. See you all in a brand new shiny 2010!