Ice Hotel

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

ice hotel


midnight sun

northern lights

I have a little dream to see the Northern Lights and stay at the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, Lapland. Apparently, I'm not the only one. I sat transfixed as I saw Joanna Lumley's journey to Lapland and her magnificent reaction to the Northern Lights and the midnight sun. At the end of the programme, ballerina man and I looked at each other in silence, a silence that confirmed that we HAVE to go see it ourselves soon. So I pledge in writing that I will not let it remain a dream.

There's something about icy landscapes that has always appealed to me. It's when viewing them that I really understand the philosophy behind the term "sublime" and just what all those eighteenth- and nineteenth-century philosophers were talking about when they penned their own reactions to the grandeur of snow and ice. And really, isn't an ice castle the most magnificent and magical thing you ever heard of?

I'm curious to know what's on your dream travel list ...

All images are from this wonderful website.


Stéphanie said...

Fabulous pictures !

marie said...

the finnish and swedish country side, and to travel around japan!
i love dreaming about travel.. love these shots!

A red lipstick said...

Wonderful winter pictures! Winter's really beautiful and after spending my last one in gray and rainy England I appreciate the Norwegian winter a lot more than I used to. Right now it's a bit snow outside and I can hear the sound of frozen ice whenever someone's walking or a car's driving outside my window. One of the best things to do when it's snowed a lot is to dig caves and sit inside them like I remember doing when I was younger :) It's such a special silence inside a snow cave... But since I don't have to travel far to get to the snow and ice I have China, India, Russia and some African countries on my dream travel list. Oh, there are so many places I'd love to go!

Maria said...

We used to see a lot of northern lights here in Finland where I live but they're getting more and more rare nowadays..don't know why:( so you should go see it soon, while you still can:)

I would like to go to Iceland, New Zeeland, New York.. and the French Polynese!

Des said...

Wow, the site for the hotel is really cool. Thanks for posting this.

Oakley said...

i so so badly want to go there, for christmas one year i think

gracia said...

I also sat transfixed as I watched and made a promise to myself to travel to lapland. Oh!

(I am also keen to find that charning penguin book.)

Hila said...

Stephanie: I know, aren't they beautiful?

Marie: I want to visit Japan too.

a red lipstick: I'm so jealous of your winters!

Maria: that's rather sad that they're more rare now, I better hurry then. I loved New Zealand and New York, you should visit them sometime soon.

des: it is quite possibly the coolest hotel I've ever come across, no pun intended :)

Oakley: I really want to go too!

Gracia: wasn't it just a beautiful show? I also thought Joanna Lumley did a beautiful drawing and that Penguin book was pretty darn cute :)

Sundari said...

Oh my goodness. I think this would be the most beautiful place to visit. Wow. You should definitely go if you can. I have no idea what my great desire is in terms of travel. I still need to see the most basic travel spots first.

Hila said...

I will definitely go, I just need to save up some money! I think you would love Paris and New York as "basic" travel destinations :)