Toasty Cold


What is it about toast catalogues? They are always so beautifully photographed. I don't normally like catalogues as they all seem like one long bland advertisement. But Toast seem to have perfected the art into something compelling. I particularly like the icy blueness of these images. Every time I look at these images, I can hear a "brrrr" in the background, which is rather nice as it's starting to heat up on my side of the world. I can't say that I'm particularly looking forward to another long and brutally hot summer here.

I have some wonderful news. Amy and I have decided to collaborate on my film reviews book project. I'll be providing the words, while she'll be providing the images. I feel very honoured to be working with Amy. If you would like to suggest a film for me to review, then just click on the email link to your right. These reviews will be more intimate than objective, and I'll also be incorporating some of my poetry (hopefully). I am rather nervous about this enterprise as it's quite personal, but as ballerina man has rightly pointed out, writing must also include a certain degree of bravery and honesty.

Also, today I start working on preparing my thesis for a book proposal to send off to a few university presses. Wish me luck! Does anyone have any lovely news to share?