A Lover's Discourse

Friday, 11 September 2009

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Absence / Absence
Any episode of language which stages the absence of the loved object - whatever its cause and its duration - and which tends to transform this absence into an ordeal of abandonment.

Cacher / To Hide
A deliberative figure: the amorous subject wonders, not whether he should declare his love to the loved being (this is not a figure of avowal), but to what degree he should conceal the turbulences of his passion: his desires his distresses; in short, his excesses (in Racinian language: his fureur).

Coeur / Heart
This word refers to all kinds of movements and desires, but what is constant is that the heart is constituted into a gift-object - whether ignored or rejected.

Corps / Body
Any thought, any feeling, any interest aroused in the amorous subject by the loved body.

Fading / Fade-Out
Painful ordeal in which the loved being appears to withdraw from all contact, without such enigmatic indifference even being directed against the amorous subject or pronounced to the advantage of anyone else, world or rival.

Je-t'-aime / I-love-you
The figure refers not to the declaration of love, to the avowal, but to the repeated utterance of the love cry.

From, A Lover's Discourse by Roland Barthes.

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Reading Barthes and flicking through my new Toast catalogues. Have a lovely weekend everyone.


N said...


Thanks for visiting my blog and also for your kind comment on my work, I am glad you like it. I am planning to produce some more artwork this year, just to free some imagination, I am not sure if I will continue to sculpt on wood tough.

I must also say that I love your blog and will visit it often, I really like the relation between the images and the text, a beautiful synchrony of elements.


Sundari said...

Oh such beautiful words. Oh and I must get onto the toast catalogue then!

Mary-Laure said...

I must get round to reading Barthes's Fragment d'un discours amoureux... Many friends have told me it's unforgettable.

Also: I was thinking of you today because I landed 2 tickets to see a preview of Jane Campion's Bright Star! The bliss! The excitement!
I really wish you were here to go with me.

Rina said...

Oh I love this post! and beautiful pictures by the way!

danica said...

oh barthes. he is the only french philosopher that i actually like. a lover's discourse is brilliant!

p.s picked up my essays on friday so marking hell begins now. glad to hear that you've almost finished your students' essays!

Michael said...

ah, you didn't pick out my favourite one.

Hila said...

That's too private Michael ...

Michael said...

True ...
get back to writing, I'll stop distracting you.

Hila said...

oui mon amour :)

Eliza said...

hello dear,
i think this post is too beautiful for words. it really touched my heart. i adore your whole blog, it's ever so inspiring. <3

Windy Days said...

Always love the TOAST catalogues, I've collected so many of them now! How is your project coming along? :)

Mary-Laure said...

Update: can you believe I can't find the Fragments d'un discours amoureux in paperback? The cheapest version I can find in France's online bookstores in €20...

I'm going to see Bright Star tonight!!! (I posted about it on my blog). Very excited.

Anthem said...

This is lovely

Hila said...

N: Thank you, what a thoughtful comment. I've always been fascinated by the process of sculpting, regardless of the medium.

Sundari: I love toast, but it's too darn expensive.

Mary-Laure: I am so jealous!!! Can't wait to read about it on your blog though, tell me every single detail.

Thanks Rina!

Danica: I found this round of marking particularly hard, so I sympathise. Hope you manange some fun in between all the marking.

Thank you Eliza and Anthem!

Windy Days: It's coming along a bit slowly at the moment, due to many distractions from teaching. But I love my topic :)

ashley said...

those words are breathtaking, and i dont get to say that often, perfection,
as is the new toast, but i agree much too rich for my wallet so am left to covet!
happy weekend dear,
x ashley

Hila said...

Thanks Ashley :)