A Lover's Discourse

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Absence / Absence
Any episode of language which stages the absence of the loved object - whatever its cause and its duration - and which tends to transform this absence into an ordeal of abandonment.

Cacher / To Hide
A deliberative figure: the amorous subject wonders, not whether he should declare his love to the loved being (this is not a figure of avowal), but to what degree he should conceal the turbulences of his passion: his desires his distresses; in short, his excesses (in Racinian language: his fureur).

Coeur / Heart
This word refers to all kinds of movements and desires, but what is constant is that the heart is constituted into a gift-object - whether ignored or rejected.

Corps / Body
Any thought, any feeling, any interest aroused in the amorous subject by the loved body.

Fading / Fade-Out
Painful ordeal in which the loved being appears to withdraw from all contact, without such enigmatic indifference even being directed against the amorous subject or pronounced to the advantage of anyone else, world or rival.

Je-t'-aime / I-love-you
The figure refers not to the declaration of love, to the avowal, but to the repeated utterance of the love cry.

From, A Lover's Discourse by Roland Barthes.

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