Bright Young Things

Friday, 28 August 2009
















I just adore this film, starting with its title, Bright young things. An adaptation of Evelyn Waugh's novel, Vile Bodies, this film, in my humble opinion, surpasses its source in both aesthetics and emotion. It is so cleverly made, mixing modernist and postmodernist approaches to story-telling and aesthetic styles. One moment we have a pastiche of a 1950s sitcom narrative style, mixed with a 1930s decor, and the next we move to a highly realist depiction of the trenches. It takes its frivolity as seriously as its critique. Plus there is the added bonus of classic English wit, which should come as no surprise as the film is directed by the very witty and lovable Stephen Fry. The ending is so improbably and self-consciously romantic, the lead actor so fascinatingly sensitive and ironic, the colours both pretty and dark, what more can I ask for in a film?


Des said...

I couldn't agree more. This film was outstanding and should have gotten way more attention then it did. I thought the casting for this film was really terrific. Every role was very believable.

ALEX said...

o my.
you've convinced me though your words and pictures that i should have watched 'bright young things' by now.
those images are beautiful.

thankyou for your comment!


danica said...

i know that i have watched this film, but i literally cannot remember any of it. i can't even remember james mcavoy and i love him! will have to get it out again at some point. and thanks for your sweet comment about my hair - i wish i could change the length from day to day :)

Eliza said...

first of all, let me tell you that your blog is amazingly inspiring :) i just discovered it, and loved it. i have never seen that film, but oh, i should have! i will watch it as soon as i can, i am overwhelmed with those images, and your description too.

much love <3

jessie said...

i haven't seen this but i am going to pop in and hire it as a way to relax when i have finished the move

Mary-Laure said...

I haven't seen the film - sigh, but read a history book last year about London in the jazz age, titled Bright Young People.
I didn't like Vile Bodies much...
Right now I'm reading The Green Hat by Michael Arlen, a 1920's forgotten classic.

K. Sundari said...

What a lovely analysis. I will definitely have to watch it... but I need to read it first. great film stills too!

Windy Days said...

I must track this down. I love Stephen Fry so I have a feeling I'd like this! :)

gracia said...

Such satisfaction, yes, what more could one ask for? Seeing these film stills has me longing to revisit this movie.

Hila said...

Des: I agree, it wasn't so well publicised and it deserved more credit than it got.

Alex: my pleasure! I hope you like the film.

Danica: he doesn't have such a big role in the film, but he looks very pretty :)

Eliza: Thank you!

Jessie: yes, it's a good film to relax with.

Mary-Laure: I didn't like vile bodies much either, but this film seems to create a whole new different story from it.

Sundari, Windy Days and Gracia: yes, see it!