Happy Day

lake konigssee

I am super-excited! Why, you ask? I am holding in my hands the contract for my book publication which I received from the University of Missouri Press in the mail today. And, even better news, that the introduction to the work will be provided by Susan Gubar and Sandra M. Gilbert - only two of the most well-known feminist authors around. The other contributors look mighty impressive too, so I'm in illustrious company and the book is sure to be reviewed in some prestigious journal. I hope this will start to put me on the map, so to speak.

I wish I had the book cover to show you, but it isn't on their official catalogue yet, so I've posted one of my latest new prints for sale in my shop instead. I have a soft spot for this print as it is a snapshot from one of my favourite travel memories, so it deserves an outing on my blog on such a happy day. I hope you're all well everyone :)