The Principles of Uncertainty

Monday, 9 February 2009


I've been reading The Principles of Uncertainty for the millionth time (that might be a slight exaggeration). I love Maira Kalman, she reminds me that the most profound things can be said simply.

I'm on the hunt for a book to read. In the past couple of months I've been taking my thesis books to bed with me, but they've been invading my dreams lately. Considering my thesis has taken over most of my waking moments, I don't think it's fair that it should take up my dream-space too. I'm looking for something light but interesting to snuggle up in bed with. Can anyone recommend me a book?

I want to say a big thank you to Sølvi for giving me two blog awards. You know I can't choose, so all of you get the awards from me.

Image from here. I also love this, this and this. Visit Maira Kalman here.


Eve said...

I recently read "Turn of the Screw" and quite enjoyed it! If you're unused to it the language can be a bit troublesome. But overall it's a wonderful, a bit chilling, short story!

amy said...

maira is my favourite. have you seen this?

Stephanie said...

I love her.

As to reading materials, Anne from The City Sage has a feature called Blogger book love where people pick five books to recommend - might be a good source for ideas.

Right now, I am reading Infinite Jest and having my brain blown to smithereens.

Mila said...

What a wonderful post, Hila.
Very interesting and definitely something to think about!
So thank you, dear.

I highly recommend the book 'Nighttrain to Lisbon' by Pascal Mercier. It's an amazing book. Really!


sølvi said...

One of my all time favorites is "The elegance of the hedgehog" by Muriel Barbery.

Mary-Laure said...

I love her work. I have the Elements of Style illustrated by her and it's just too cool.

After reading a hefty biography of Stalin, I too could use a light but good book.

please sir said...

Looks like an interesting read - thanks!

Esti said...

Thanks for the links and the suggestions... unfortunately I don't have a book to recomend at this moment, and I'm looking for recomendations myself :)

Susanna-Cole said...

I love that illustration, and well I love to read... perhaps you'd like "Night Train to Lisbon"? It's one of my favorite books, and absolute exquisite, inspiring, but rather warm and comforting too. Nothing too dark. <3


marie said...

ive been re reading all my favourites these past few weeks.. theres not much else to do when it so hot. favourites at the moment.. plath's the bell jar, the great gatsby, salinger's fanny and zoey, and some virginia woolf..

where abouts in australia are you? im in melbourne if you're ever nearby and want to meet up!

Jenaveve said...

Here's a couple of light, engaging ones that will be kind to a thesis-laden mind: The Shivering Sands or The Autumn Castle.

Hila said...

Thanks for the recommendation Eve, but alas, I've read it before :)

Amy: thanks for the link! How wonderful is she?

Thanks for the tip Stephanie!

Thanks Mila, I keep on hearing about this book, so I must read it.

Thanks Solvi, I'll hunt that book down.

Mary-Laure, she is just too cool :)

Pleasure Diana :)

Esti, I know how you feel!

Thanks S-C :)

Marie, those are all goodies :) I'm in Perth unfortunately - if I was anywhere near Melbourne I would love to meet up.

Thanks for the recommendations Jenaveve!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

yes! love maira..did you see her ny times piece a few weeks ago about her visit to Wash DC for the inaugauration? love...

Young Mind said...

what is your thesis about? :)

Hila said...

Bonbon Oiseau: yes I saw that, it's wodnerful isn't it?

Youn Mind: see this post:

I explain it better there :)