Thursday, 5 February 2009

e. e. cummings

morning coffee

my desk

books, books, books

My posts have a decided me-theme to them lately as I have been tagged again by two lovely ladies. Mary-Laure has tagged me to have a peek at my desk. My desk is a bit of a mess at the moment and is perpetually filled with cups of coffee, shadows and books. I would love to know what's on Amy's desk.

Mila has tagged me on facebook to name 25 random facts about me, or habits and goals I may have. I'm responding to her tag here as my computer and facebook aren't getting along at the moment. So here are some more bits and pieces about me:

1. I loathe driving and love trains.

2. I sleep deeply and soundly. I once slept through the police "visiting" my neighbours.

3. I have messy handwriting in English and neat handwriting in Hebrew. Odd.

4. I have a very thin waist. Buying pants is a nightmare.

5. I've been doing ballet for almost 20 years.

6. I love watching shadows.

7. I think big snugly coats are heaven.

8. I love tucking my hair into coats.

9. I have a small face and would look better with short hair, but prefer it long. I love the feel of it at the back of my neck.

10. I like watching people on buses.

11. I want to learn as many languages as possible.

12. I'm a neat-freak, I can't deal with mess.

13. My mother is an artist, my father is many, many things.

14. I think my father is the smartest person I know but I disagree with him 90% of the time.

15. I once bought an expensive book rather than paying the telephone bill. I'm usually responsible, but books are my drug of choice.

16. I don't like mobile phones and often have fantasies of throwing my phone into the river.

17. I think cats are the loveliest things with fur.

18. I like to wake up early and be quiet for a little while.

19. I can't read maps.

20. I love getting letters, feel free to send me one.

21. I write (almost) everyday.

22. I want to publish my poetry ... and lots of other things.

23. I'm ambitious, but I won't step on your toes.

24. I believe chicken soup is the cure to all ills.

25. I like making lists.

That's enough about me now, I tag Lucie.


Jenaveve said...

I understand #15 oh so well.

Mila said...

Oh Hila, i absolutely loved this.
Even when writing a list as this one, you write beautifully, as if you choose every word so carefully.

Lovely to read this about you and also love this photographs above.


please sir said...

So neat to learn more about you! I'm so bad with maps too.

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

This is a beautifully-done list - it paints a lovely picture without being overly wordy.
I always have trouble with these lists.

Mary-Laure said...

Thanks for playing along, Hila! I love your pile of books.
What's the book about the Brontës? Is it any good?

Lucie Peacock said...

i hate driving as well! and i love getting and giving letters. if you want, you can email me your address and i'll ship off a little something from new orleans... basillamericaine at gmail.
thanks for the tag <3

flossy-p said...

So your desk is filled with books, light and shadows. How poignant ;)

I wish I could throw all the mobile phones off a bridge too. Like the pied piper of vodafone, hehehe.

ashley said...

you should like making lists as your are very good at them:)
i hate mobiles too~ lucky sometimes to be somewhere they dont exist~ also love the book pile {the best drugs there are!}
happy weekend to you sweetie:)
x ashley

K. Sundari said...

What is your mothers discipline?

The more I get to know you, the more I am interested in studying english literature after this degree.

I met Daniel Nevin, a PhD photomedia student who exhibited his photograms at Spectrum Project Space. I wonder if I can combine both?

Rina said...

I enjoyed this post so much dear Hila! It´s so nice to know you better...
And I´m laughing because I always have the same situation with books and bills, very sad and very funny at the same time!

i.d. said...

What a lovely list. I can't believe you've been doing ballet for 20 years!

danica said...

very nice list. although i can't say that i relate to your enjoyment of public transport. icky! hope you're well :)

sølvi said...

I gave you an award on my blog, check it out...

Sandra said...

i love your blog

Hila said...

Jenaveve: ah yes, the vice of books :) I hope your own book is coming along smoothly.

Mila: thank you, that's incredibly kind of you to say.

Please sir: maps look like maths to me, which looks like a foreign language.

The Wanderer's Daughter: thank you :)

Mary-Laure: the one about the Brontes is "Bronte Transformations" by Patsy Stoneman - it's about the adaptations which have been made from Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. It's quite good if you're interested in the Brontes.

Lucie: yay, a letter!

flossy-p: I like that idea :)

Ashley: thank you and I hope you're having a great weekend too :)

Sundari: my mother studied fine arts and had multiple disciplines, but she's mainly a painter (acrylics, oils). She does a lot of commission work on textiles too - i.e. painting details on couture dresses, etc. My grandmother used to make costumes.

I think you can definitely combine your two loves. Most English departments these days aren't strictly English literature based, but also cultural studies, which basically means that literature is studied alongside other media.

Rina: aren't we terrible and irresponsible, hehe :)

i.d.: thank you :) Yep, been doing ballet since I was about 5 years old.

Danica: well, the trains and buses here aren't particularly lovely, but I loved the trains in England. And while the Paris metro isn't "lovely" either, it is such a fertile ground for strange encounters. These encounters don't seem to happen here in Perth :)

Solvi: thank you! I will go visit you blog soon :)

Sandra: thank you :)

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

A great list, a fun read.

Hila said...

Thanks Melanie :)