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books, books, books

My posts have a decided me-theme to them lately as I have been tagged again by two lovely ladies. Mary-Laure has tagged me to have a peek at my desk. My desk is a bit of a mess at the moment and is perpetually filled with cups of coffee, shadows and books. I would love to know what's on Amy's desk.

Mila has tagged me on facebook to name 25 random facts about me, or habits and goals I may have. I'm responding to her tag here as my computer and facebook aren't getting along at the moment. So here are some more bits and pieces about me:

1. I loathe driving and love trains.

2. I sleep deeply and soundly. I once slept through the police "visiting" my neighbours.

3. I have messy handwriting in English and neat handwriting in Hebrew. Odd.

4. I have a very thin waist. Buying pants is a nightmare.

5. I've been doing ballet for almost 20 years.

6. I love watching shadows.

7. I think big snugly coats are heaven.

8. I love tucking my hair into coats.

9. I have a small face and would look better with short hair, but prefer it long. I love the feel of it at the back of my neck.

10. I like watching people on buses.

11. I want to learn as many languages as possible.

12. I'm a neat-freak, I can't deal with mess.

13. My mother is an artist, my father is many, many things.

14. I think my father is the smartest person I know but I disagree with him 90% of the time.

15. I once bought an expensive book rather than paying the telephone bill. I'm usually responsible, but books are my drug of choice.

16. I don't like mobile phones and often have fantasies of throwing my phone into the river.

17. I think cats are the loveliest things with fur.

18. I like to wake up early and be quiet for a little while.

19. I can't read maps.

20. I love getting letters, feel free to send me one.

21. I write (almost) everyday.

22. I want to publish my poetry ... and lots of other things.

23. I'm ambitious, but I won't step on your toes.

24. I believe chicken soup is the cure to all ills.

25. I like making lists.

That's enough about me now, I tag Lucie.