Bande à Part

Tuesday, 9 December 2008


The lovely Danica has given me the French award. Merci Danica, you share with me a love of Chanel, all things French and of course, the thesis-ing. I'd like to pass on the award to Sofia, a wonderful artist who lives in France and Mary-Laure, who used to live in Paris, but is still a connoisseur of all things French (and tasteful) in my eyes.

And while I'm on the subject of Frenchy delights, I've always wanted to recreate the scene from Bande à Part where they try to break the world record for running through the Louvre. Next time I'm in Paris, who wants to run with me?


Christina Lowry said...

I would love to run through the lourve with you, if only theoretically! Being 40 weeks pregnant I could waddle through now and maybe make a record for the slowest! We could theoretically run through all the biggest museums and galleries all over the world. Once bub is born maybe I will start by running through the GOMA in Brisbane? I'd probably just get arrrested!! :)

Mary-Laure said...

Count me in for the run!
Looks like I MUST see that movie, because I love the still in your post - at first I thought it was from Jules Et Jim.
And thanks for the award, you are just too thoughtful, dear Hila
I'm eager to see more pictures from Israel and info about the books you snatched from your grandfather..

Lucie Peacock said...


sofia barão said...

wow that would be nice to run around there, hehehhe !!! Thank you for the award Hila, all your post just putted a smile on my face. Thanks for that :)

Esti said...

ha, ha, don't count me in for the running, but i'd love to be there to see y'all running through the louvre.

please sir said...

Congrats...such a great photo!

Maggie May said...

one of my favorite movies, The Dreamers, is French and the characters in the movie try to break this record...:)

gracia said...

Me! Me! I do...

Mila said...

You deserve all awards, Hila!
I hope you are doing great..


Theresa said...

you know the dance steps in Bande à Part, well I can do it really well haha!! I love Bande à Part

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

i would love to do that!!
well done on the award!! :)
thank you for what you said on my blog, it was so nice.

Hila said...

Christina: I like this idea of breaking the world record by waddling.

Mary-Laure: Yes, you have to see the movie, you'll love it. And I'm afraid I haven't got that many interesting photos from Israel from this trip as most of the photos on my camera were from the wedding. I don't tend to take as many photos in Israel as I do when I'm in other places - I think this is because it's my "home" rather than simply a place I visit, and I forget to take photos of everything. And I'll post you a poem from one of my grandfather's books.

Lucie: great, it's a date!

Sofia: I'm so glad I put a smile on your face.

Esti: maybe you can take the pictures of us running?

Diana: I love this photo too.

Maggie: yep, I remember that scene in the Dreamers - I think the director was making a direct reference to Bande à Part.

Gracia: If only we really could!

Mila: thank you my dear.

Theresa: Isn't it a great movie? The dancing scene is one of my favourites.

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder: It's my pleasure and thanks to you too!

flossy-p said...

Well, my hand is up!

That picture is the best thing ever.

Hila said...

I know, isn't it just.