Disco Pigs

disco pigs1



I first saw Disco Pigs at a film festival a few years ago and I recently saw it again when I bought the DVD overseas. It's such a surprising and intense little film. It has loose connections with Wuthering Heights as it explores the intense bond between two people who have practically grown up side-by-side, but who are not brother and sister. Set in Ireland, the film revolves around two main characters: Pig (Cillian Murphy) and Runt (Elaine Cassidy). These are not their real names but rather names they have given each other. They share their own language and their own world and their intense relationship often results in manifestations of violence toward others. Something eventually comes to disturb the unity of their fragile world and the film becomes even more interesting as you start to wonder what will happen next. I won't give it away.

This is a stunning film in every way. The contrast which is made visually between the scenes of Runt and Pig by the sprawling seashore and their nightly visits to insular disco nightclubs is like a small microcosm of the contrast between their own dangerously intimate world and the rest of society. I wish there were more films like this - that is, films that actually treat their audiences with a certain degree of intelligence and sensitivity.

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