This is ... My Reading Material

I'm at the end of my thesis; I have about four months or so to go. So currently my reading material is all about my thesis and there are stacks of books, articles and my own chapters which I'm continually reading. If I list them all I would be here all day, but the book at the top of the pile at the moment is Angela Carter's The Sadeian Woman: An Exercise in Cultural History.

The other great book I'm reading at the moment is a collection of Christina Rossetti's poetry. Kobi likes to read too; he has a habit of resting his head on my wrist when I'm reading. I can't imagine that's very comfortable for him as my wrists are really skinny, so perhaps he's interested in the reading material. He looks like a little professor to me.

Thanks to my champagne dreams for this week's theme and welcome back Angela! I hope you had a fabulous time overseas.