My Tender and Affectionate Beast

Emil Loteanu made some of the most beautiful films and this one is my favourites of his. It took me years to track down a DVD copy of this film with English subtitles. My Tender and Affectionate Beast is an adaptation of Anton Chekhov's short story, "The Shooting Party". It involves a fateful story about a lovely country lass and the three men who are fascinated by her. I usually loathe these kinds of stories as I'm sick of men representing women as dumb mysteries, but Chekhov is not to be sneered at and I do love his writing. And I love this film even more; it's almost like a fairy tale and it doesn't invest in much dialogue and plot to get its message across, but rather, beautiful imagery. The whole film is like one big metaphor that requires the audience to construct a narrative. I love films that let me get involved in the storytelling process.