Literary Pick-Me-Up

I've come across this beautiful quote by Gail Jones from an interview while searching the net for a different quote for my current chapter. This is what I call a "literary pick-me-up".

"I think that one of the functions of literature is to remind us of the beautiful. I like the moments when I'm reading and I pause and there's something that has so moved me or so alerted me to the texture of the real that I feel I just have to stop and think about it. My sense is that, in the face of all that oppresses us and all that implies that we are meaningless and that our words fly away as we speak and mean nothing, there are moments when language causes this pause, and that's what I strive for. I mean, no writer ever succeeds in the way they want to; we always feel our own insufficiency, but it's a striving, an aspiration of much writing I think."

I wish I was as articulate in my own interview with the ABC. All I could think about was how young my voice sounds.

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