Fairy Tales

Many thanks to Rina for introducing me to the photographer, Gala Collette. Aren't these images fantastic? This couldn't have come at a better time because I'm writing on the fairy tale mode in cinema at the moment - particularly the "little girl lost" and woods/forest theme - and I'm looking for all the images I can find in photography, to make comparisons between cinema and the visual arts.

And speaking of fairy tales, I just bought this edition of the complete fairy tales of the Grimms and Angela Carter:I was getting sick of these books always being recalled when I borrowed them from the library and so decided to invest in my own copies. I find fairy tales are useful to have around, sort of like dictionaries. And Angela Carter's The Bloody Chamber has to be my favourite collection of rewritings of fairy tales. My favourite story is the Little Red Riding Hood rewriting, The Company of Wolves. This always gets me:

What big arms you have.
All the better to hug you with.
Every wolf in the world now howled a prothalamion outside the window as she freely gave the kiss she owed him.
What big teeth you have!
She saw how his jaw began to slaver and the room was full of the clamour of the forest's Liebestod but the wise child never flinched, even when he answered:
All the better to eat you with.
The girl burst out laughing; she knew she was nobody's meat.

Perfect. There is nothing more to say.

P.S. If anyone knows of any other photographers who explore the same kind of images, I would really appreciate it if you could let me know. Thanks again Rina!